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Clay’s Mom On Love Is Blind Confronted Her Ex About How Cheating Affects Kids & Wow

“Although we came from broken families, that does not mean that we have to pass that brokenness to our kids.”

The final episode of Love Is Blind Season 6 has aired on Netflix, and boy, did we get some drama. (Spoilers ahead!) The episode opened with Chelsea and Jimmy breaking things off before ever getting to the altar, and ended with Amy and Johnny happily married and celebrating with their families. But in the middle there, that’s where AD and Clay had their falling out. And Clay’s parents had arguably one of the best conversations about generational trauma ever seen on TV, because his mom gracefully took no prisoners.

When the time came for AD and Clay to say “I do,” instead, he told her he didn’t feel ready for marriage and wanted to work on himself first. All season long, viewers have heard Clay talk about his father cheating on his mother, even taking Clay with him to see the other woman on some occasions. The subject came up so often — with Clay expressing his fear that he might one day cheat too — that he drew criticism online for acting like cheating is “inevitable” for him. “Clay on love is blind acting like cheating is hereditary fr like it’s an impending doom he has no control over,” said one viewer on X. “Simply go to therapy and don’t cheat, it’s not rocket science,” said another.

But after the finale, the Clay-related moment the internet is buzzing about is actually a conversation between his parents, Trevor and Margarita.

In this scene, which takes place after Clay and AD have parted ways at the altar, Margarita confronts Trevor about what just happened, and asks him to take accountability for his part in it. She says Clay obviously wants to be in a committed relationship because he signed up for the Love Is Blind experiment, but that he struggles with marriage and whether it’s truly “sacred.”

“All of those emotions and twisted feelings, he took that to the altar. And a lot of that stems from things you have to explain and then apologize [for]. Don’t make excuses, just apologize so that closure can be had.” She talks about Clay seeing things he shouldn’t have seen growing up, and him being put in bad positions — seemingly confirming, without ever saying it outright, that she has just recently learned Trevor took young Clay with him to cheat.

Trevor points out that his father was not a good role model, and Margarita acknowledges that before reminding him that having a less-than-ideal upbringing is not an excuse to create the same for your children. “Although we came from broken families, that does not mean that we have to pass that brokenness to our kids,” she says. Trevor acknowledges that it’s important to “stop the bleeding, stop the cycle,” and says Clay should focus next on meeting someone like his mom. Again, Margarita was ready. “You met me, but you wasn’t good to me,” she says, and leaves it at that. And that’s how the internet fell in love with her.

“Clay’s mom on love is blind is such a queen what a class act,” tweeted one. Another said, “Watching Clay’s mom on Love Is Blind Season 6 was like witnessing a masterclass in ‘Not Today, Sir’. Someone get this woman a show!”

And Clay’s recent Instagram post for his mom’s birthday is flooded with compliments about Margarita, like this one that is objectively true: “This woman is a SAINT.”

In the context of all the conversations happening these days about generational trauma and childhood events affecting us as adults, this scene feels so poignant. We have a mother who loves her son and sees him very clearly — as someone who is fearful of commitment because of his father’s actions, and has now hurt AD as a result — and is not afraid to hold her ex-husband accountable for his part in this train wreck of a wedding. She acknowledges that Clay will benefit from therapy, and advocates for him by telling Trevor that he needs to apologize too for real healing to happen. Margarita is direct and honest, while also being calm and even empathetic, despite how much Trevor’s actions must have hurt her over the years. She is the living embodiment of the phrase “Mother is mothering.”

So, if we take everyone at their word and believe Clay will truly work on his fears and struggles with commitment, we now know he has the unwavering support of a clear-eyed, big-hearted mom who will also give him a swift kick in the ass when he needs one. And damn is it moving to see a woman be such a good mother to her son while also paving the way for him to be a better partner in the future.