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Reddit Is Obsessed With This Dad's Letter From The Tooth Fairy About His Kid's Messy Room

“The state of your room prevented us from performing a midnight retrieval.”

We respect a creative dad who does his best to get the Tooth Fairy to do his dirty work for him. Like one dad on Reddit, who wrote his daughter an incredibly formal letter, posing as the Tooth Fairy, about her messy room. It’s a genius idea, even if it didn’t actually work.

The dad took to the sub-Reddit platform Made Me Smile to share a photo of the typed-up letter the “Tooth Fairy” left for his daughter recently. First off, we did not know that the Tooth Fairy had an official office with letterhead and everything, or that they live at 100 Castle Lane in Fairyland. But now we know. The letter addressed to his 10-year-old daughter apologized for the Tooth Fairy’s “delay in retrieving your teeth.” As she is older now, the Tooth Fairy aka dad explained, she is losing fewer and fewer baby teeth. But that was not the reason behind the tardiness.

“The state of your room prevented us from performing a midnight retrieval,” the letter read. “The first attempt almost resulted in tragedy as one of our agents’ shoes got stuck to something icky on the floor. While attempting to free herself, a pile of socks tipped over and nearly suffocated her.”

Because of the danger level, the Tooth Fairy was “forced to perform a very rare daytime retrieval” out of an abundance of caution, but this caused its own issue as daytime Tooth Fairies are “a grumpy sort, and protest to most tasks.” With that in mind, the Tooth Fairy is hoping that the next retrieval can be done at night in the usual manner.

Several people really loved the letter, and shared their appreciation in the comment section. “Who knew the toothfairy had that good of a PR team,” wrote one person, while another added their own encounter with the Tooth Fairy, “This is gorgeous. She will remember receiving this letter her entire life. When my daughter lost her first tooth, she really lost it. It could not be found anywhere. She was devastated. So I placed a call to the ‘Lost Tooth HelpLine’ and spoke to a very friendly fairy representative who suggested placing one piece of arborio rice in the glass as a replacement.”

The creative dad, who chose to remain anonymous, told Newsweek that he and his wife had “forgotten to play the part” of the Tooth Fairy and, when she woke up in the morning, she was disappointed. “Since we had been trying to get her to clean her room for a long time, it provided an opportunity to learn a light-hearted lesson.”

Unfortunately, the lesson did not take. “A lot of people have asked, and the answer is no, the note did not have any lasting cleanliness effects,” he told Newsweek. But full marks for trying.