Dan Levy's high school thought 'American Pie' was his biography.
Michael Buckner/Variety/Getty Images

Dan Levy’s Classmates Thought American Pie Was About Him

“Run in the opposite direction of wherever your parents are in relation to that film.”

Dan Levy was just 15 years old when his father, Eugene Levy, starred in the 1999 classic American Pie as sensitive, sweet dad Noah Levenstein. He was attending high school in Toronto, Canada, just living his life as the son of a national treasure. When he did take a break from his ordinary life to head to Los Angeles to see the premiere, a friend gave him a dire warning: this is not the kind of movie you want to see with your father. (Dan, thank that friend, because that’s solid advice.) But that didn’t mean Levy wouldn’t ultimately wind up haunted by the Millennial classic regardless...

The Schitt’s Creek star recently sat down for an interview with Kelly Clarkson, where the two discussed his dad’s role as dad to Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) in American Pie back in 1999. For anyone who needs a refresher on what the movie was about, it followed Jim on his journey to lose his virginity, along with his four best friends, before the end of high school. And there was a scene featuring Jim doing private things with a pie that you need to see for yourself, I guess. Clarkson shared a flashback to an interview with Eugene Levy, where he explained that his son did not want to go to the premiere of the R-rated film. In fact, young Dan Levy said very pointedly that his friend had told him, “Run in the opposite direction of wherever your parents are in relation to that film.”

Which he did, noting that he’s still never watched it with his parents. Though apparently everyone at his high school saw it, which wasn’t great for Dan. Levy explained, “for most of my high school life, people thought the movie was a biography of my life.”

Clarkson pointed out that this was “unfortunate,” while Levy said he would have “killed for a life that interesting.” Minus the apple pie business, obviously. “I don’t even know about the ingredients of an apple pie, but that’s a whole other story,” the Good Grief star told Clarkson.

While he might not be interested in watching American Pie with his dad, Dan Levy does think Eugene is a total sweetheart as a father. Back in 2020, Dan praised his dad for giving him unconditional love and making sure he “"ever had to prove myself. I've never had to explain myself and that, fundamentally, is the support that every father needs to give their son,” he added. “Particularly where the son is a gay or queer person, because that relationship is crucial. And I think for a lot of people, they don't get that support from their fathers. I’m grateful.”

Not apple pie-level grateful, we’re certain. But grateful nonetheless.