Um, Parents Are Pretty Mad About This Children's Show Character With A Huge Penis

But why is it candy-striped though?

It must be tough coming up with fresh ideas for children's television these days because this one is truly out there. And while it's certainly a unique concept, not everyone is entertained. A Danish children's show called John Dillermand has outraged parents. Why? Oh, maybe because it's about a man with a super long penis.

Danish television broadcaster DR Ramasjung recently launched a new animated series, a cartoon called John Dillermand that translates in English to "John Pee Pee." According to the song in the opening credits, here's a taste of what parents can expect from the series: "He has the world’s longest pee-pee/ There’s almost nothing he can’t do with it/ He has the world’s longest pee-pee/ He swings it around, he can get a little embarrassed/ He can save the world if he’s allowed.”

The opening sequence sees John Dillermand waving his long (and candy-striped) penis around where it coils around a stove at the bottom of a lake, gets caught in a bus, helps him bounce up to the moon, and even tames a lion like a whip. Dillermand can be seen hiding behind his hat getting a bit embarrassed by his penis, but mostly it seems pretty handy.

John Dillermand has an extra long penis, apparently.

Some parents are not terribly impressed, judging from comments left on DR Ramasjang's Facebook page. One person wrote, "Someone has to draw the line with the new John D series. I have non idea what you all were thinking in a time of metoo. And with all the frightening cases of pedophilia that exist! Should kids learn that it’s fun playing with a dick? That it’s just a funny thing that can fly around attached to balloons and other weird things? [...] I think it’s grotesque.”

Not everyone was upset about the show, with some parents insisting it was a hit with their kids like this parent who wrote, "Please never stop talking to children as children, the only ones who can get anything sexually out of that program are puritan adults. I appreciate that my kids can see the humor in an absurd long penis that gets poor John in difficulties time and again."

In response to the outcry on social media, Morten Skov Hansen, head of DR Ramasjang's children's department, shared a statement with Variety explaining that the show is not meant to sexualize the penis, but rather, "about being true to one’s self — including your flaws.” He went on to add that John Dillermand “acknowledges children’s growing curiosity about the body: both the things that are embarrassing, and the things that are fun," before finally noting, "We always welcome debate about our content. But it’s important to try and not view the program from an adult’s perspective. The show is created for children and is preoccupied with the same things they are. I don’t agree with the few critics who consider John Dillermand to be sexualized (…) It’s as desexualized as it can possibly get."

This is not the first time the Danish broadcaster has aired some controversial programming for kids. Back in September DR Ramasjang launched a reality show called Ultra Strips Down, featuring kids between the ages 11-13 talking to a bunch of naked adults about their bodies in an apparent effort to promote body positivity.

Much like John Dillermand, DR Ramasjang is not afraid of a big swing. Sorry. Sorry.