Dashing In December Is Going To Be A Classic

Paramount's upcoming LGBTQ+ Christmas movie has all of the holiday sweaters and smoldering looks a person could possibly want.

It's important not to play favorites with your holiday movies, but it's safe to say that Paramount's Dashing In December, an LGBTQ+ holiday movie, is probably going to become an instant classic. It has all of the elements of a deliciously comforting, guilty pleasure holiday movie, but with some much-needed updating. Also Andie McDowell stars in it.

Paramount Networks' new holiday romance stars Peter Porte as Wyatt, a big city son returning to his rural town of Harmony Springs to celebrate Christmas with his mom on the ranch. His mom is played by Andie McDowell. Porte is the classic hero of the story, a world-weary prodigal son from New York who has come home to convince his mom Deb to sell her ranch along with her other business, a Winter Wonderland attraction. He meets a ruggedly handsome ranch hand named Heath, played by Juan Pablo di Pace (and co-starring his beautifully sculpted beard), who helps him to see the world in a different way. A Christmas-y way is my guess.

Dashing In December will premiere on Sunday, Dec. 13 at 7 pm E.T. on Paramount Networks with simulcasts on Logo, Pop and TV Land, and a new trailer offered a snippet of what we can expect from this delightful movie.

The trailer featured Michael Buble's "This Christmas," all of the actors in various degrees of boots, thick holiday sweaters, and surrounded by forests festooned with twinkly lights. Your basic holiday fare that Christmas movie watchers all know and love, but with an important update. This is one of several LGBTQ+ holiday movies set to be released in 2020 featuring a same-sex love story. Other movies with same-sex romantic leads include Hulu's Happiest Season, starring Kristen Stewart, Dan Levy, and Mackenzie Davis, dropping on Nov. 25, and Lifetime's The Christmas Setup, dropping on Dec. 12 and starring Ben Lewis and (wait for it) Fran Drescher.

It's nice to know that, no matter how much alt-right organization One Million Moms attempted to put a stop to LGBTQ+ storylines in traditional Christmas movies, they're still happening. Their protests amounted to nothing. After an especially difficult year, everyone just needs to curl up at home and watch some excellent Christmas movies. Complete with horses, snow, sleigh bells, and two men falling in love.