Dax Shepard and his daughter had a blast singing in the car.
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Dax Shepard Belts Out To Adele With His Daughter In Sweet New Video

There’s nothing like singing your heart out on a road trip, is there?

Dax Shepard has reached one of life’s greatest, simplest pleasures in parenting. Singing with you kid, in the car, with the volume at full blast. And the actor did just tat with his daughter when they recently belted out to Adele’s “Hello” on a road trip in an RV. You can just feel the joy of that blessed shared moment.

The Armchair Expert podcast host is dad to 8-year-old daughter Lincoln and 6-year-old daughter Delta with wife Kristen Bell, and he really knows how to eke every happy moment out of parenting his kids. Take his recent Instagram video, where he and his daughter fully belted out Adele’s “Hello” side-by-side as they drove around in their RV together. His little girl sitting cross-legged in the front seat looking so happy, him driving and gesturing wildly. Both of them equally happy to be right there.

“Heaven is a place on a twisty two lane mountain pass where screaming @adele with your daughter is required,” Shepard captioned the video on Instagram.

The video sparked memories for many of Shepard’s followers on social media, kids and parents alike. “Road trips with my dad are some of my best memories. We sang Madonna though,” wrote on social media user while another wrote, “ummm…this is obviously one of the top three reasons to have a child. Its pretty hard to top car concerts with your biggest fan club.”

Dax Shepard sang “Hello” with his daughter.

Shepard’s daughters, however, aren’t always fans of his fun musical antics. Particularly when they are trying to enjoy some coveted screen time. Back in February, Bell took a video of Shepard trying to distract his daughter Delta from playing a game on her screen by dancing. In her face. She eventually just got up and walked away from him, choosing her screen over her dad.

And that is why singing together in the car is so brilliant. There is no walking away. Screens get boring. There is just the open road, you and your kid and screaming out “Hello from the other side” at the top of your lungs.

That, right there, is heaven. Just like Dax Shepard said.