Dwayne Johnson's daughter helps him "clean" his muscles.
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Dwayne Johnson’s 2-Year-Old Daughter “Cleaned” His Muscles In An Adorable Instagram Video

And he loves every minute of it.

Just when you thought 2016's "Sexiest Man Alive" couldn't get any better, he gives us this little treat. In an adorable Instagram video, Dwayne Johnson's toddler "cleaned" his muscles for him and of course he let her do it. Because he is just that kind of sweet dad who seems to get a real kick out of everything his daughters do, so long as they hang out with him.

The Jumanji star took to Instagram on Sunday to share what can only be described as a truly delicious slice of life with the youngest of his three daughters, 2-year-old Tiana. Johnson sat happily parked in a chair as Tiana organized everything, starting with handing him his "favorite" stuffed kitty cat named "Pupples," not to be mistaken for "Bubbles" as some might think. She tells him this one is his favorite, then puts a mask over his eyes and says, "This is going to be so perfect." From there, Tiana decides it's time to get a little cleaning done, starting with her dad's enormous tattooed bicep. Despite the fact that Johnson, aka The Rock, says he normally likes "mommy to clean my muscles," meaning his wife Lauren Hashian, Tiana goes about her business. Not that her dad minds.

He posted the video with the sweet caption, "Just love that regardless of how busy we all may be - moments like this makes time slow down to a crawl. Hey, I’ll take it... my business can wait. So kind of baby Tia to give me my favorite kitty kat, 'Pupples' to snuggle."

Dwayne Johnson's daughter Tiana cleaned his muscles.

Tiana has two older sisters, 5-year-old Jasmine and 19-year-old Simone, who is from a previous marriage. As a girl dad three times over, Johnson clearly knows a thing or two about how to just sit back and enjoy being in the moment with his kids. This means he stops everything on Christmas morning to watch The Lion King with his daughter "for the 987th time," as he wrote on Instagram in December. It also means he understands what the reality of playing Barbie looks like with his millions of social media followers, "Daddy holds this Barbie for a solid 45min straight while baby Tia does whatever she wants and completely ignores Barbie the whole time Barbie."

Sitting still while his daughter cleans his muscles for him is just another day as a girl dad for Dwayne Johnson. And as he makes patently clear, he relishes every single minute of it.