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Ed Helms Keeps His Wife & Daughter’s Identities A Complete Secret

If you’re wondering who they are, you’ll be wondering for a long time.

Whether you know him from The Office or The Hangover, or you’re watching him in the new Netflix original comedy Family Switch, Ed Helms has probably made you laugh more than once. But for all his comedic chops and hilarious onscreen antics, he’s actually a very private person. You may not even know he’s married with a child. So, who are Ed Helms’ wife and daughter? He’s notoriously private about his family life, but here’s what we know.

Who is Ed Helms married to?

Great question. Alas, Helms has never publicly revealed the identity of his wife or child. Even his Wikipedia page states simply that he’s married and has a daughter. It’s hard to even find a firm timeline about their dating history, though there are some clues as to when the pair may have met. Helms shared that he had a “serious girlfriend” in a 2012 interview with Esquire, though there’s no way of knowing whether this girlfriend is the woman he’s married to today.

In 2015, Helms and a mystery woman were photographed after a double date with actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith. Again, Helms has never discussed who the woman in the photos is and whether or not he happens to now be married to her. But it seems likely this is her — by 2017, he was already referring to pranking his mystery wife in interviews. In a 2018 episode of Anna Faris’ podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, he shared that he had “been married a couple years.” Of his wife, he said, “she’s fabulous, and she enjoys a lot more anonymity than I do.”

He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019 and dropped a teensy new detail about his love, mentioning that she’s very “outdoorsy.” She also sounds like she has a great sense of humor. During his interview with Kimmel, he addressed a tabloid story that implied he was having an affair with Demi Moore (the two were costars in the film Corporate Animals). His publicist called to inform him of the rumors while he was on vacation with his family. He says that when she shared the allegations with his wife, she said, “‘Demi Moore, high five! Can you believe this tabloid thought you and Demi Moore could be a couple?’” So, Mrs. Helms also has jokes, it seems.

What is Ed Helms’ daughter’s name?

That’s also unknown. In that same 2019 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the host asks Helms directly what his daughter’s name is, and the actor deflects by saying, “Weirdly, her name is Jimmy Kimmel.” Helms says during their talk that the little girl is about to turn 2, which would make her roughly 6 years old today.

Helms described taking his then 3-year-old on a family roadtrip mid-pandemic, during an April 2021 episode of The Ellen Show. He said his daughter doesn’t watch much TV on the day-to-day, so for their 14-hour drive, they gave her an iPad that kept her pretty chill. But he said taking it away was difficult. “When a kid doesn’t get much TV and then gets this massive dose, it’s like heroin. You can’t get them off. It is a brutal battle trying to readjust a child to no TV.” He also shared that she loves playing on her toy piano and singing made up songs with her dad.

So, no one can say exactly who Helms’ family is, and that’s the way they want it. From what we have heard, it sounds like the actor and his wife have managed to keep his fame from having too much of an effect on their personal lives or their little girl’s upbringing, which is seriously impressive in this day and age.