SNL Really Tested Elmo's Limits With Rocco The Rock On Weekend Update

“Rocco doesn’t even have a nose! Rocco doesn’t even have a respiratory system!”

Saturday Night Live had a very special guest on Weekend Update. Well technically, two special guests, if you are counting Rocco. And really, Elmo wishes you wouldn’t include Rocco. Like really, really does not want you to include Rocco. The generally joyful red muppet from Sesame Street, played by Chloe Fineman, totally lost his cool when confronted with his arch nemesis Rocco, who really only rose to fame after a video of Elmo losing all possible chill with Rocco recently went viral. So really, Elmo has no one to blame but himself when it comes to this rock’s new fame.

In March 2021, YouTube user Disco Queen shared a video called “Elmo yelling at a rock for 3 minutes and 12 seconds straight.” The video, as promised, saw Elmo trying to come to terms with the fact that his pal Zoey has a pet rock she calls “Rocco” and insists on anthropomorphizing. Zoey tells Elmo that Rocco says hello and he’s not buying it, says Rocco was jumping around with them when the rock clearly has no legs, and finally, the coup de grâce, won’t let Elmo eat Rocco’s cookie even though “Rocco doesn’t even have a mouth.”

The video went on to become a meme, of course, and got re-shared all across Twitter. So much so that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson responded to it. Now Elmo has gone on Weekend Update on SNL to discuss it with Michael Che.

Elmo confronted Rocco on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Elmo started off fairly calmly and acknowledged “OK, Elmo, admit Elmo overreacted. And Elmo has already apologized in a long Instagram post. Elmo ready to move on.” Che tested Elmo’s limits by bringing out a special guest; Rocco the rock, sliding in on a little chair with wheels and everything.

This turned the tides for Elmo immediately. “What? Why does Rocco get a chair?” Elmo yelled. “Rocco doesn't need a chair. Rocco doesn't even have legs! Rocco's a rock! What is Rocco doing here?”

Che explained that Rocco was in the building getting a Covid-19 test, which had Elmo responding, “How is Rocco getting a Covid test? Rocco doesn’t even have a nose! Rocco doesn’t even have a respiratory system!” When Che added that Rocco would be hosting SNL and being the musical guest, Elmo was at his boiling point, “Rocco is host and musical guest? How? Don't gaslight Elmo! Elmo feel like Elmo going insane here.”

Finally, it went one step too far. Che gave Rocco the last cookie instead of giving it to Elmo. “The last cookie? The last cookie? It's happening again,” Elmo yelled while seemingly going up in flames. He then covered Rocco with a piece of paper and said, “That's it! Paper covers rock, Prepare to die, Rocco!”

Is this the last we will hear from Rocco and Elmo, or will this feud carry on until the end of time?