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New 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' episodes will teach kids about pool safety.
Courtesy of Fred Rogers Productions

Take An Exclusive Look At A New Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Episode About Pool Safety

Get your goggles ready with this sneak peek on pool safety!

Summer swimming is just around the corner and who better than Daniel Tiger to help your toddler jump right in? Whether your kid is in floaties or ready to strap on those goggles and dunk her head underwater, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is the go-to show to help families ace those preschool milestones. While Daniel has likely taught your little one about all those important firsts, like getting those baby teeth checked or how to handle a screaming newborn sister, this time everyone’s favorite striped mammal is back and excited to swim. Even more exciting? Romper has an exclusive sneak peek from a brand new episode in which Daniel will instill in your little fishies the importance of water safety.

In this new episode, “Daniel Follows the Rules at the Pool,” Daniel and his bestie Prince Wednesday are splashing by the slides at the neighborhood pool. After Daniel runs and slips, he remembers the rules and stays safe playing near the water. Live and learn, little tiger!

In Romper’s exclusive clip, Daniel and his buddy Prince Wednesday are hitting the pool in their rash guards and swim trunks. Prince Tuesday arrives on the scene as the cool, older lifeguard, to explain the rules of pool safety. They’re crystal clear simple and absolutely essential: #1. Listen to the lifeguard; #2. No running ; and #3. Always ask a grown-up if it’s okay to go in the pool. Looking pretty official in his red visor, Prince Tuesday tells Daniel and his little bro that he’s got their backs if they forget any rules by releasing a shrieking reminder from his trusty whistle.

Whether your kid is heading off to day camp or diving into the lake on the 4th of July, the only way to make a splash this summer is by keeping it safe. Thank goodness Daniel Tiger is here to make life a little easier by teaching and reinforcing important lessons. Sure, your kiddos might sometimes tune out whatever it is you’re saying, but trust us, they’ll be gold star listeners when taking the same sage advice from a talking a tiger.

Produced by Fred Rogers Productions, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood summer-themed episodes will premiere May 16 through May 18 on PBS KIDS. Check your local listings.