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Sally and Harry in 'When Harry Met Sally.'
10 Cozy Rom-Coms & Romantic Movies With Some Serious Fall Vibes

From rom-coms to historical epics, they all have one thing in common: vibes.

Fall means lots of different things. Big sweaters. Apple picking. Decorative gourds. Holding a large mug with two hands as you watch leaves fall. And, of course, cuddling up under a bunch of blankets to watch cozy fall movies. But where do you start? Most people would say “horror” and that’s a good start, but for those of you who aren’t fans of the spooky stuff, don’t worry. In fact, we’re suckers for love this time of year, so we’ve rounded up 10 cozy romantic movies to watch this fall.

Pretty much none of these movies require that they be set in the autumn, but the fact that they are, even if it’s only for a little bit, gives such a sense of comfort and coziness to them. From classic rom-coms to sweeping historical epics, there’s something for every mood... as long as that mood is “fall” of course.

(We’d also like to take this time to acknowledge the winners of this list, as it seems that there are some actors who are a sucker for a romantic autumn movies as well. Meg Ryan and Aidan Quinn each appear in two movies on this list and Sandra Bullock clocks in at a respectable three.)

When Harry Met Sally

Oh God! Yes!US Sky Pic

Quite possibly the greatest romantic comedy of all time, When Harry Met Sally tells the story of an unlikely couple whose various quirks and peccadilloes go from irritating to endearing as they fall in love over the course of several years. Since this movie plays the long game, not all of this movie takes place in the fall, but the Central Park in Autumn scenes are some of the most iconic of the film and lend it a cozy vibe perfect for sweater weather.

Stream When Harry Met Sally, rated R, on Max.

Practical Magic

It’s the season of the witch and this is the perfect movie for it.Hulu

The women of the Owens family are unusual. It could be that witchcraft runs in their family, starting with their ancestral matriarch who cursed them all to never be able to hold on to true love. Sally and Jill have mostly avoided witchcraft themselves, but that changes when Jill’s boyfriend dies unexpectedly. But magic, it seems, can’t solve all your problems, especially when a handsome and charming detective starts to get suspicious...

Stream Practical Magic, rated PG-13, on Hulu.

Autumn in New York

A May-December romance set in Autumn...YouTube

Who says tearjerkers can’t be cozy? Will is a successful restaurateur and even more successful womanizer. Charlotte is a newly minted 22-year-old (and a haberdasher so, yes, she’s a bit of a manic pixie dream girl for sure). When Charlotte goes to one of Will’s restaurants for her birthday, he is immediately drawn to him, only to realize that he once dates her mother, Katy, who died shortly after Charlotte was born.

This does not stop him from asking her out. This movie is problematic; we’re not going to let that get in the way of enjoying it.

Needless to say, they start a relationship, which Will knows has no real future. Charlotte also knows this, because she’s dying of a heart condition.

The comfortable fall vibes in this movie are second only to the emotional whiplash.

Stream Autumn in New York, rated PG-13, on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

You’ve Got Mail

A charming relic of a simpler digital age.Max

Another classic of the genre, You’ve Got Mail is an ode to a time when the idea of lots of emails in your inbox filled you with excitement, not annoyance and dread. Kathleen owns an independent bookstore, which is struggling in the face of corporate behemoth Foxbooks. In fact, the only thing she hates more than Foxbooks is the owner of Foxbooks, Joe, especially when a shop opens up across from hers!

Little do the pair know that the intense and anonymous internet romance they’ve both embarked upon is with each other! Can their love survive offline? (The questioned is answered by the fact that this is a movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in 1998.)

Stream You’ve Got Mail, rated PG, on Max.

St. Elmo’s Fire

A coming of age film for 20-somethings.YouTube

This Brat Pack classic takes place after a group of seven friends graduate from Georgetown. As their lives pull them in different directions, friendship, love, and character is tested in ways that college never prepared them for. There’s not a ton about this movie that explicitly labels it as “Fall” but it has the feel of a movie that takes place in fall, if that makes sense!

Stream St. Elmo’s Fire, rated R, on Hulu.

Kissing Jessica Stein

How do you know until you try?Amazon Video

This 2001 film is the cozy, queer, indie rom-com we all deserve.

Jessica hasn’t had great luck in dating, something seemingly everyone in her life wants to help her with, especially her fussy mom. One day, she comes across an ideal personals ad... only to find out it was for women seeking women.

Well... why not, right?

As Jessica struggles with her sexual identity, her new girlfriend Helen struggles with Jessica’s struggles, first with the speed of the relationship itself, and then with Jessica’s reluctance to admit she and Helen are in love.

Thoughtful and witty, this movie is a cult classic and with plenty of fall and High Holy Days scenes, it has excellent autumn vibes.

Stream Kissing Jessica Stein, rated R, on Amazon Prime.

Legends of the Fall

This movie was formative for many a Millennial woman...Netflix

The Brothers Ludlow, Alfred, Tristan, and Samuel, live on a ranch in Montana with their father, the Colonel. When Samuel returns home from college he brings with him a fiancée, Susannah, but it isn’t long before the trio sign up to fight in WWI. What follows is a sweeping epic of love, family division, and tragedy... also Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond just looking *chef’s kiss* and absolutely understanding the assignment of “onscreen chemistry.”

Another movie that takes place over the course of years, Legends of the Fall plays with the idea of seasons reflecting mood and time, and the fall sequences are at once soothing and electric.

Stream Legends of the Fall, rated R, on Netflix.

Notting Hill

She is, famously, just a girl standing in front of a boy.Hulu

William is a London bookstore owner who lives a quiet, somewhat boring life, until the world’s most famous actress, Anna Scott, stumbles into his life. A chance encounter turns into a whirlwind romance, but can their love survive the pressure of the paparazzi and tabloid gossip mills? (Again: it’s a rom-com. Of course. But it’s all worth wondering to get to the “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy” speech...)

Stream Notting Hill, rated PG-13, on Hulu.

The Lake House

A truly weird but cozy romance.Amazon Prime

We will admit: this is a weird one. Kate and Alex live in the same house — a lake house — two years apart. Somehow, they are able to communicate with one another by writing letters and putting them in the mailbox, but cannot connect in real time. Of course, this doesn’t stop them from falling deeply in love. Will the pair ever find one another, or is it just not to be?

The overcoat and comfy sweater budget for this movie must have been one of the highest Hollywood has ever seen, and it was worth every penny because the autumnal vibes are just perfection.

Stream The Lake House, rated PG, on Amazon Prime and Apple TV+.

The Proposal

A classic enemies to lovers situation.YouTube

Margaret Tate is a high-powered publishing executive who runs her poor assistant, Andrew, absolutely ragged. When her employers let her know that her work visa has been denied and that she’s going to be deported to Canada, she hatches a plot, telling them that she and Andrew are engaged. Not only that, they’re heading up to see his family in Alaska to break the good news!

In Alaska (where it’s always Sweater Season, hence the fall feel of this movie), Andrews family is loving but quirky, and hilarity ensues as they try to keep up the appearance of a happy couple. But will this charade transform into the real deal?

Also there’s Betty White as , who has improved anything she’s ever been even sort of connected to.

Stream The Proposal, rated PG-13, on Amazon Prime.

Happy fall, y’all!