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'Frog and Toad' is getting an animated series on Apple TV+.
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Check Out The Adorable Trailer For The New Frog and Toad Animated Series

An amazing cast will voice characters in the series premiering this later month.

Many of us grew up reading Frog and Toad, a story about two pals who had lots in common and liked to go on gentle little adventures together. In fact, some of us might have even learned to read with these easy-to-follow books. We read about these two learning how to fly kites, or cleaning one of their houses, or just hanging around being two best friends who love each other. So calming. And that’s exactly what fans can expect from the new Frog and Toad animated series coming to Apple TV+ in April 2023. Two pals having fun adventures that don’t stress anyone out. Perfect for an afternoon when you need your kids to relax. Here’s everything you need to know.

Frog and Toad has been popular with young readers for 50 years.

Arnold Lobel published his first Frog and Toad story back in 1970 based on drawings he did as a child who often struggled with being bullied by his peers. Lobel found refuge in his drawings, and went on to write and illustrate many picture books based on two characters he once said were two different sides of himself. The four-book series became very popular with early readers for their easy-to-follow storylines and beautiful illustrations, going on to win several awards. And now it’s a series.

The Frog and Toad trailer shows the two characters as an animated odd couple.

Frog, who is tall and green, comes across as the more positive of the two pals in a trailer for the new series coming to Apple TV+. He’s always up for adventures and always ready to encourage Toad, who is short and brown and prefers the comforts of home, to join him even if he grumbles a little. They’re like an adorable forest version of the Odd Couple, with Frog reminding Toad to go out and look at butterflies or enjoy the sunshine as Toad hides in bed, needing to be coaxed. It’s a good match.

Frog and Toad are friends who love each other.

Arnold Lobel’s daughter Adrienne told the New Yorker that she believed her father wrote Frog and Toad as same-sex friends in a loving relationship as a way of coming out as gay himself. “I think Frog and Toad really was the beginning of him coming out,” she explained to the publication. Lobel reportedly told his family that he was gay before his death in 1987 at the age of 54 years old, and Frog and Toad remain a loving tribute to the kind way he looked at the world.

An amazing cast will voice characters for Frog and Toad series.

Kevin Michael Richardson (The Simpsons, Family Guy) voices Toad, while Nat Faxon (Our Flag Means Death) voices Frog. Comedians like Fortune Feimster, Cole Escola, Yvette Nicole Brown, Margaret Cho, and Selene Luna will also make appearances voicing characters in Frog and Toad, so you know it will be funny.

When does Frog and Toad premiere?

Frog and Toad will premiere on Apple TV+ on April 28, and it sounds as though it’s going to be just as charming and whimsical as the books.