The Full Barbie Trailer Is Here & People Are Fully Freaking Out

Barbie must choose: high heels or Birkenstocks?

We have finally been invited into Barbie Land for a true deep dive into what Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is going to look like, and even if you had high expectations for this live-action version I think you can prepare for them to be exceeded. Because somehow the two-minute long main trailer is already giving us everything we could have wanted. It’s funny, it’s a little weird, vaguely subversive in the best way possible, and it’s pink. So pink.

The new trailer opens with Margot Robbie as Barbie waking up in her perfect life in Barbie Land, where her evening includes “a giant blow-out party with all the Barbies and planned choreography and a bespoke song.” Plus her sweet, accommodating boyfriend Ken (Ryan Gosling) who has no problem picking up on the choreography at her disco-themed party. All the Barbies and even some of the many Kens are having the “best day ever” on the dance floor, just like yesterday was the best day ever and tomorrow will be the best day “and every day from now until forever!” Until Barbie has a record-scratch moment when she asks them all, “Do you guys ever think about dying?”

Things start to unravel for Barbie from there. She has a cold shower, she falls off her roof instead of floating through the sky, and worst of all; her heels of her feet touch the ground instead of staying perpetually in high heel position. “Flat feet!” a fellow Barbie screams in horror when she shows her Barbie friends her feet, and they all look like they’re about to faint.

Flat feet! The horror!Warner Bros./YouTube

As Barbie continues struggling with her existential crisis, she visits the Barbie who is always in the splits, played by Kate McKinnon, who was cast out of Barbie Land. McKinnon offers her a choice; stay in high heels and live in Barbie Land, or wear Birkenstocks and discover the truth. “The first one, the high heel,” Barbie immediately says, but McKinnon replies, “You have to want to know, okay? Do it again.” A moment which already won fans on Twitter over. “A lesbian giving #Barbie the choice between a high heel and a Birkenstock? Already iconique,” wrote one user.

Barbie has to choose between high heels and Birkenstocks.

Barbie capitulates and drives off in her pink convertible to the real world, singing “Closer I Am To Fine” by the Indigo Girls when Ken pops up to harmonize from the back seat. He insists on joining her, and the two end up making their way through a montage of every amazing Barbie accessory combo (snowmobiles, camper, boat) before wearing head to toe pink and yellow spandex as they roller blade in California. The real world doesn’t exactly take to Barbie and Ken immediately. A man slaps Barbie on the butt, she punches him, and both she and Ken land in jail. As evidenced by Ken’s joyful mug shot reading “And Ken.” Which had everyone dying on Twitter.

“Barbie and Ken in jail IM DECEASED the way Ken is posing like that meanwhile Barbie is having an existential crisis. This movie is gonna be wild,” one tweet read.

“And Ken” is totally fine with going to jail.Warner Bros./YouTube

Ken is honestly a bright spark throughout the trailer. Even at the end, after toymaker villain Will Ferrell sends flunkies to track down Barbie and put her back in her box, Ken wanders into a hospital asking to perform an appendectomy.

Just watch... the full trailer is incredible.

The trailer reveals a few more snippets of songs from the Barbie soundtrack, which will be released on July 21 to coincide with the film, throughout the trailer. Dua Lipa’s song “Dance All Night,” set to be released on May 26, played in the trailer, as well as “Make Your Own Kind Of Music” by Cass Elliott, which some on Twitter thought was absolute perfection. “Kate McKinnons wild ass Barbie being the Barbie of wisdom in the ‘mountains’ is so funny. I’m SO EXCITED FOR THIS FREAKIN’ movie! it’s so perfect! THIS TRAILER IS PERFECT! I LOVE BARBIE!” enthused one Twitter user.

And we couldn’t agree more.