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George Clooney Says His 6-Year-Old Twins Are “Headbangers” Who Love Heavy Metal Music

So they’re not driving around in a classic convertible singing along to Sinatra like I imagined? Huh.

George Clooney gives off midcentury modern vibes. Maybe it’s his home in Lake Como or his classic style of dress or the way he’s always plugging Nespresso in commercials that calls to mind bygone days of crooner music and old-fashioned dads. This is not, in fact, the case at all. Apparently Clooney is raising his twins to be little “headbangers” who listen to heavy metal music on the way to school. And I, for one, did not see that coming.

The Ticket to Paradise actor recently shared a little tidbit about his 6-year-old twins Alexander and Ella during an interview with Access Hollywood. He and his wife Amal Clooney, who were out celebrating their ninth anniversary at the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s “Albie” awards, were asked who did the school drop-off and pick-up, and it turns out they both take their kids to school. But he tends to do more of the mornings.

“He lets them listen to heavy metal,” Amal Clooney said, and the proud dad of two grinned with pride. “Yeah, they’re into heavy metal,” he admitted. “They’re headbangers.”

Just in case no one knew what a headbanger might be, Clooney offered a quick demonstration before going on to explain, “It’s not real heavy metal music. It’s just heavy enough that they can bang their heads.”

So they’re not driving around in a classic convertible singing along to Sinatra’s “The Best Is Yet To Come” like I imagined. Huh.

Clooney’s twins might be musically inclined, but neither Amal nor George have any talent in that regard. Or so they say. “Not that I’m in any way musical,” Clooney said while his wife Amal added, “I don’t have any musical talent at all, sadly.” While neither of them are musical, I bet George Clooney bangs his head right along with his twins. Otherwise, where would they have learned it from?

Certainly we know that they picked up one of Clooney’s more famous habits. Pulling pranks on people. Particularly Alexander, who has turned out to be a “bit of a prankster” according to his dad. Back in 2021, Alexander shocked his poor mom by putting Nutella on a diaper and pretending it was poop and proceeding to eat it.

Head banging to heavy metal music and pulling pranks. The Clooney twins are not nearly as fancy as I suspected.