George Clooney's Twins Visited Him On Set The Day He Filmed A Kiss With Julia Roberts

Auntie Juju, no!

Life has changed considerably for George Clooney since the last time he starred as a leading man in a romantic comedy. Now he’s a dad, and what’s more his leading lady is his longtime friend Julia Roberts. So you can understand why things got weird for him when his 5-year-old twins visited set with their mom Amal Clooney the very day he was meant to film a kiss scene for his new movie Ticket to Paradise. As Roberts herself explained it, things got “ridiculous.”

The two friends sat down for an interview on Monday with Hoda Kotb to talk about playing love interests again for the first time since they starred opposite each other in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise back in the early 2000s. When asked if it was awkward to kiss your “dear, dear friend” by Kotb, Clooney answered, “It is when my wife and kids come by to visit.”

Roberts was quick to pipe in with her own reaction to seeing 5-year-old twins Alexander and Ella, when they were about to film a kiss scene. “That was the first day they came to visit. It's like 'papa ah, Auntie Juju',” Roberts told Kotb. But it seems the twins were scooted away before they witnessed their kiss, because Roberts insisted. “It's like get 'em out! Get 'em out,’” she told Kotb. You can’t blame her. She still wants to be their beloved Auntie Juju, after all.

Clooney did an impression of his twins watching the kiss, saying, “What are you doing, papa? What is that?” but then clarified that they had left before their scene. Although that didn’t stop the two friends from struggling.

“It's kind of ridiculous,” Roberts told Today about their kiss. “It is like kissing your best friend.” Clooney acted affronted by Roberts’ evaluation of their on-screen kiss, saying, “Well thanks for that. You know that I'm a two-time Sexiest Man Alive.” Apparently they eventually pulled it off, even with the spectre of Alexander and Ella hovering over the entire scene.

Clooney is clearly loving his life as a dad, even if his kids are able to outsmart him fairly easily by speaking in another language so he can’t understand what they’re saying. His children speak Italian as they have spent much of their lives in Italy, and Clooney has not learned the language. Even after all these years.

Which means they can gossip amongst themselves in Italian about that kiss if they did happen to see it and their father will be none the wiser.