Gigi Hadid revealed her daughter's name.
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Gigi Hadid Just Casually Revealed Her Baby Girl's Name

There are several possible meanings, and they're all fantastic.

It only took four months, but Gigi Hadid finally revealed her baby daughter's name in a super subtle way. She and boyfriend Zayn Malik have been teasing little bits of information about their life with their daughter, who was born in September, but until recently had not even shared their little girl's name. Now we know.

The model and first-time mom was characteristically subtle in the way she released the news. She simply changed her Instagram bio to "Khai's mom," that's it. Meaning, of course, her little girl's name is Khai.

There are several possible meanings behind the name Khai, which can be used for a boy or a girl. Malik's last name means "king," and the Arabic meaning of Khai is "crowned," which would make her name "crowned king." Another possible provenance for Khai's name, as baby name expert SJ Strum told Elle UK, could be Vietnamese, "Khai is a fresh and interesting choice for a daughter as the sound is most closely associated with boys. Khai – the spelling used by Gigi and Zayn – is also a popular Vietnamese boys’ name meaning ‘Warrior Strong.'"

There could also be a more personal reason for Khai's name. Hadid's grandmother on her father Mohammed Hadid's side was named Khairia Daher Hadid, and as he wrote in an April Instagram tribute, his daughter Gigi "loved everything about Tata. GiGi won first place in an art competition of a portrait of her Tata." Considering the new mom was already pregnant when her father wrote that tribute, it seems likely that her daughter's name was at least partially inspired by her grandmother.

Hadid and Malik might be cautious about how much information they're willing to share concerning their daughter Khai, but they're not shy about admitting they're over the moon for her. In an Instagram story on Wednesday, Hadid shared a selfie where she was kissing little Khai (who could not quite be seen, of course) with the caption, "my girl, 4 months & THE BEST KID," as People reported. In another Instagram story, she shared a screenshot of a text she sent to Malik reading, "Hey... I am obsessed with our kid."

So we know Hadid is loving her new role as a mom. We know we probably won't get any photos of her face. And most important of all, we know her name is Khai.