Gisele Bündchen Comments on Inspirational Quote About a “Committed Relationship”
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Gisele Bündchen Comments On Post About “Committed" Relationships With A Cryptic Emoji

Sometimes emojis can speak louder than words.

Gisele Bündchen seems to be getting her relationship advice from social media these days, leaning on the inspirational words of a very popular Instagram grid. The supermodel and wife of legendary football star Tom Brady recently liked and dropped a prayer hands emoji in the comments section of a post written by one of Hollywood’s favorite spiritual life coaches (and former monks).

Here’s how it all went down online. In a recent Instagram post, “Purpose Coach” Jay Shetty shared some pretty sage advice on love. “You can’t be in a committed relationship with someone who is inconsistent with you. Read that again,” he wrote on the post promoting his upcoming book 8 Rules of Love.

Shetty shared some more pearls of wisdom down in the caption. “Love is a daily effort. Some days it may come easier than others and that’s OK, but what should always stay consistent is the respect and admiration you have for your partner’s values and goals 🙏⁠,” the podcaster wrote.

Bündchen, who is going through her own very publicly-discussed relationship turmoil, clearly resonated with Shetty’s words. The mother of three continued to fuel the rumors that there might indeed be some trouble in paradise when she dropped a prayer hands emoji in the comments.

And here’s the receipt of Bündchen’s comment:

Gisele Bündchen comments on Instagram post about a “committed relationship.”Instagram/Jay Shetty

Over a thousand Instagrammers liked the famed catwalker’s comment. The cryptic emoji even spurred a little healthy debate in the thread about making sacrifices in a relationship and equally supporting your partner.

“If she loved him shed understand that the sacrifice is worth it. Love is about being selfless. My gf lets me partake in dangerous activities that will probably shorten my lifespan. She doesn't like it but knows it's what makes my life worth living so she supports me,” wrote one Brady supporter.

“She did, for fifteen years. But everyone has their breaking point — at some point, it’s time for him to give back, and he’s not willing to do so. A relationship should be 50/50, and that was clearly not the case here,” said a member of the Bündchen bandwagon.

Brady and Bündchen have been married since 2009. The gorgeous couple share 12-year-old son Benjamin and 9-year-old daughter Vivian. The model mother and Lessons author is also a stepmom to 15-year-old Jack, who Brady shares with ex-girlfriend and actress Bridget Moynahan.

Bündchen has been spotted in Miami these days, with her wedding ring noticeably missing from her finger. Signs are certainly pointing towards some kind of separation as the couple both hired divorce lawyers too.

When it comes to a marriage possibly ending, things can get even more brutal than professional sports. Bündchen has shared how committed she is to her kids, and how lucky she feels to be a mother. So here’s hoping the famously-healthy couple can keep things amicable to co-parent their kids.

Love might not be a football field, but in the immortal words of Pat Benatar — it’s definitely a battlefield.