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'Go, Dog. Go!' is coming back for a second season.

Exclusive: The Go, Dog. Go! Season 2 Trailer Is Here & There's A Christmas Twist!

Tag and Scooch need to save “Sniffs-mas.”

As we head into the holiday season, life is going to get busier for parents. Which means a little quality screen time for toddlers is a welcome relief. Especially if the screen time will keep the kids engrossed and laughing and, in a perfect world, staying in the holiday spirit. The second season of Go, Dog. Go! checks every one of those boxes, and it will arrive just in time for the holiday season. What’s more, Romper can exclusively share the trailer for the upcoming season!

Based on the classic 1961 children’s book written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman, the first season of Go, Dog. Go! premiered on Netflix in January and, naturally, kids loved it. How could they not? Two adorable dogs named Tag Barker and Scooch Pooch figuring out how to travel while enjoying the odd musical interlude by the Barkapellas, what’s better than that?

Well, it looks like Season 2 might be even better. Because when Go, Dog. Go! returns to Netflix on Dec. 7, the pups are going to find a very festive way to get around. Namely, Sandra Paws’ sleigh, which they have to help fix if they have any hope of saving the magic of “Sniffs-mas.”

Exclusively shared with Romper ahead of its premiere, the new trailer sees 6-year-old Tag and her best friend Scooch getting off to the races with more adventures in Pawston, the city where dogs really love to party. They compete in their first race, which should go pretty smoothly considering Tag is a skilled mechanic, then organize a 100th birthday celebration for their town, and oh yes, try their best to save Sniffs-mas when Sandra Paws’ sleigh breaks down.

‘Go, Dog. Go!’ gets a new season.

The new season of Go, Dog. Go! on Netflix will be the first time little fans get a bon-a-fide holiday episode, and it’s bound to be pretty exciting. The show revolves around Tag and Scooch hitting the road in all different types of vehicles, after all. Obviously there will be no more exciting vehicle than Sandra Paws’ sleigh. Although the scooter with the side car featured in the trailer looks pretty cool, too.

Season 2 of Go, Dog. Go! arrives on Netflix on Dec. 7.