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Halle Bailey Has 5 Words For People Saying She Has A "Pregnancy Nose"

“Leave me the hell alone.”

Halle Bailey has spoken out after people felt it was totally fine and appropriate to make comments about her appearance. Specifically, her nose. The 23-year-old Little Mermaid star made it clear that she’s had it with people saying she has a “pregnancy nose” and we don’t blame her one bit.

Bailey has been in a relationship with musician boyfriend DDG for over a year, and there have been loads of pregnancy rumors swirling about the couple in recent months. Neither Bailey nor DDG have addressed the rumors, nor should they be expected to, but a recent comment from a social media user on Snapchat was simply too far for Bailey. The fan commented on a photo of Bailey “that pregnancy nose,” and the actress responded.

“Listen, if I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it’s going to be hell to pay,” she said in response. “You know why? Because I’m Black. I love my nose. What are you concerned about my nose for? Leave me the hell alone.”

“Pregnancy nose” can happen to some women who are expecting when the rise in estrogen in their body during pregnancy causes swelling or broadening in the nose, according to Ohio State Health. And somehow strangers on the internet have decided this is what Bailey is experiencing based on a photo.

Bailey has been dealing with a lot of public commentary over the past year, between pregnancy rumors and unwanted controversy over her role as Ariel in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid. Through it all, the singer has done her best to deal with all of the attention, and she opened up about these challenges at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London last month. “I know that my personal journey, although filled with my own struggles and challenges, sometimes pales in comparison to a lot of what y’all have gone through,” the singer said at the time, per People. “But I also know that with the spotlight comes a responsibility to speak about my experience in hopes that it can provide some guidance and inspiration to those girls and women who look to me standing under that spotlight.”

This level of commentary about her life is a lot more than most people would be able to handle, and Bailey is right. Maybe it’s time to leave her alone. If she is ever pregnant, it’s up to her to tell people. It’s not up to people to guess.