Hut Hut Hike!

Kansas City Chiefs have teamed up with Hallmark for a holiday movie.
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Hallmark Is Making A Romantic Holiday Movie About The Kansas City Chiefs

It’s not about you-know-who.

If you’ve ever watched an NFL game and thought to yourself “that’s my idea of romance,” there is a a Christmas movie coming out that was made for you. Hallmark has teamed up with the Kansas City Chiefs to produce Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story, and this is a collaboration we probably should have seen coming.

Hallmark and the Chiefs have collaborated with the NFL and Skydance Sports for a new Christmas romance, Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story. The new movie is set to start filming next month in Kansas City and expected to debut on the Hallmark Channel this winter. “We are honored to partner with Hallmark on a project as unique as this,” Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan told in a statement. “As a club, we pride ourselves on exploring new ways to grow our brand, as well as connect with new audiences. This partnership unites two passionate fanbases and gives us an opportunity to show Chiefs Kingdom's energy and tradition on one of the most-watched channels during the holiday season.”

While some fans might expect the movie to follow the storyline of pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, this is not the case. In Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story, a Kansas City Chiefs superfan (Hunter King) enters her family in a “Fan of the Year” contest, and the Director of Fan Engagement (Tyler Hynes) spends time with her to find out if she’s got what it takes to win. Sparks fly and... well, you know how it goes. Love will take to the field. Or some other sports analogy.

Social media users are getting a kick out of this new movie before it even begins, sharing plot ideas and even a Taylor Swift Christmas song suggestion.

Certainly the Kansas City Chiefs have centered themselves inside a cultural shift that has taken place since Swift began attending Kelce’s games at the end of 2023. While this new Hallmark movie does not appear to be inspired by the couple, there will be yet another overlap in audiences. And Hallmark doesn’t mind the boost either.

“With Hallmark and the Kansas City Chiefs both homegrown, rooted in values, tradition and community, there is a special alchemy between these two iconic organizations,” Hallmark chief brand officer Darren Abbott said in a statement per “By blending the warmth of Hallmark storytelling with the excitement of professional football, we are thrilled to give audiences a front-row seat to this community's spirit, rich traditions and passionate fans that define Kansas City, all wrapped up in the comforting and uplifting Hallmark way.”

No official release date has yet been set for Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story beyond this winter. And we can’t wait to watch.