Illana Glazer and Michelle Buteau in 'Babes'

Where Can You Stream Michelle Buteau & Ilana Glazer’s New Mom Comedy Babes?

They’re not pulling any punches.

Pregnancy and motherhood have been providing Hollywood with endless material for decades, which could make it feel difficult to imagine a fresh take might still be out there. This is not the case for Michelle Buteau and Ilana Glazer’s new comedy Babes. Irreverent, vulnerable, honest, funny, and kind of gross, Babes gets as real as possible about what it looks like to become a mom. The perfect movie to stream with your mom friends who will totally get it with you. But is Babes available to stream? Here’s everything you need to know.

Can you stream Michelle Buteau and Ilana Glazer’s new movie Babes?

At the moment, no. But it will be available to stream in the near future. As Babes is a Neon film, it will be streaming on Hulu when it does eventually become available to stream. Hulu has exclusive rights to all Neon films, so Babes will end up there after folks have a chance to watch it in theaters.

Where can you watch Babes right now?

For the time being, you can head out to the movie theater and watch Babes with a bucket of popcorn in a comfy seat. Babes was released in select cities on Friday, May 17, but will arrive in more theaters across the country on May 24 and will have a wider release on Friday, June 7. So if you’re more into streaming, you’ll have to hang tight for Babes to eventually land on Hulu.

Lifelong best friends become moms in Babes.

Babes, which was co-written by Glazer and directed by Better Things’ Pamela Adlon, sees Dawn (Buteau) preparing to welcome her second baby with husband Marty (Hasan Minhaj). She gives birth at the beginning of the film, and her lifelong single friend Eden (Glazer) is with her for the whole thing. Ready to vomit at the sight of the birth, in fact. Not long after, Eden finds out that she’s expecting after a brief fling with a handsome actor named Claude (Stephan James), and decides to keep the baby. Assuming Dawn will be with her every step of the way, even as Dawn is dealing with her own family’s needs. While Dawn is dealing with an industrial-strength breast pump, Eden is dealing with the horny stage of pregnancy, her terror over needles, and trying to put together an epic maternity photo shoot.

In an interview with Romper, Buteau said it was a “fascinating experience” to play Dawn and was drawn to the movie because comedies open up opportunities to have much-needed conversations. “Between women’s bodies and [anti-]trans and non-binary laws, everybody’s under attack,” she said. “So especially when history is being erased, it’s like, ‘What do we have? The arts.’ Comedy makes everything better, and thank God we still have that. When it comes to comedy, there is a place for everybody, and the more conversations we have about it, the better we are and the more healing it is.”