10 Shows To Watch While Breastfeeding

Because it’s a great time to catch up on some TV.

So you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby! Congratulations! It’s hard work (and sore work and exhausting work and engorged work and sometimes even clogged work) but it’s a really lovely way to nourish and snuggle your baby. It’s also a great time to catch up on TV because, let’s be honest: what else are you going to do while you’re just sitting there? Yes, sometimes you fall into your babies eyes and just gaze for the whole time... but incredible as it is sometimes you need something slightly more... entertaining. So what are good shows to watch while breastfeeding?

Here’s the deal: we’re not going tell you to watch The Office or Friends or Schitt’s Creek or The Gilmore Girls because you’ve already watched those a million times. (We’re also not going to tell you not to watch them because there’s certainly something to be said for familiarity.) We’ve rounded up some shows you may not have seen, some shows you’ve been meaning to get into, and maybe even some shows you haven’t heard about. We’ve tried to get a mix of genres while keeping it mostly light (they’re mostly comedies), as well as shows that are safe to watch with your baby’s older siblings in the room.

Workin’ Moms

Catherine Reitman wrote Workin’ Moms following the birth of her second child.Jackie Brown

Workin' Moms was written by Catherine Reitman (who stars in the series alongside her IRL husband) following the birth of her second child as a way to cope with the challenges of motherhood and postpartum depression. The fact that it was written by someone struggling with these issues really shows, particularly in earlier seasons. The series follows the lives of a group of friends juggling love, careers, and parenting. Heartwarming, hilarious, and sometimes harrowing, it’s a must-see series for any working parent.

Perfect for: When you need to feel seen.

Seasons: Six with a seventh coming in 2023.

Kid-friendly: No.

Stream Workin’ Moms on Netflix.

What We Do In The Shadows

The show is silly, but heartwarmingly captures the importance of chosen family.Hulu

This mockumentary series follows the misadventures of three vampires — Nadja, Laszlo, Nandor — and their human familiar, Guillermo and their life in world’s scariest place imaginable... Staten Island. While their adventures are episodic, main storylines keep us invested in this hapless trio in their quest to conquer the modern world for vampire-kind and the much more capable Guillermo’s attempts to keep them alive... erm... undead? The series is at once hilarious and irreverent and a heartfelt look at the value of chosen family. (Also, really, breastfeeding can make you feel like a vampire victim sometimes, amiright?)

Perfect for: When you thought The Office would be funnier if Michael drank blood.

Seasons: Four (in progress as of press time)

Kid-friendly: In the words of Laszlo “I became a vampire for two reasons: to suck blood and f*ck forever” so... no, definitely not.

Stream What We Do In The Shadows on Hulu.

Broad City

Abbi & Ilana are the Millennial’s answer to Sex and the City.Hulu

Abbi (an aspiring artist) and Ilana (an eccentric hedonist) are 20-something best friends living in New York City... but this isn’t Sex and the City. This is a series for every Millennial woman who grew up on Sex and the City, moved to New York, and realized she could only afford to live in Queens, 10 blocks from the nearest subway station. Their sexy, hare-brained, often weed-fueled schemes are hilarious (but thoughtful) and great for when you just want an episode of something (but we bet you’ll burn through the series pretty quick).

Perfect for: When you’re missing your carefree single days.

Seasons: Five, ending in 2019.

Kid-friendly: Ask yourself this: were your carefree single days “kid-friendly”?

Stream Broad City on Hulu.


Frenemies Debbie & Ruth face off as Liberty Belle & Zoya the Destroya.Netflix

Ruth is an aspiring actress. Her best friend, Debbie, found success as a soap opera actress but hasn’t had much work since she got married and had a baby. The two fell out after Ruth had an affair with Debbie’s husband... which makes it very awkward when they both land roles in a new wrestling outfit: GLOW, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Under the direction of eccentric auteur Sam Sylvia, Debbie, Ruth, and a ragtag cast of wrestlers, actresses, comedians, and other women who just need a job find (precarious) success and empowerment in the sport.

Perfect for: When you want to feel powerful but you don’t want to get too emotional.

Seasons: Three; it ended (too soon!) in 2019.

Kid-friendly: Nope! Occasional nudity and sex and lots of four-letter words.

Stream Glow on Netflix.


The study group’s adventures are both episodic and consequential.Hulu

Jeff Winger is a successful lawyer... that is until the bar finds out he faked his law degree. Now he’s determined to get his old life back, starting with actually finishing his education at Greendale Community College. There he joins an eccentric and diverse study group of nerds, over-achievers, and folks looking to course correct their lives. The group quickly becomes more than study buddies — their personal trials and tribulations are heartfelt and moving, set against a kooky backdrop of an off-beat college with plenty of nods to classic movies and TV.

Perfect for: When you really want to laugh (or swoon over Donald Glover)

Seasons: Six; ended in 2015.

Kid-friendly: Might be OK for older kids (it’s rated TV-14) — content is a little more mature, but there’s nothing scary or violent.

Stream Community on Hulu.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ang and his friends must master the elements to save their world.Netflix

Long ago, the four nations of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water lived in harmony... until the day the Fire Nation attacked, creating an Imperialist empire. The avatar, who embodies (and controls) the powers of all the nations, the hero who normally protected the world and kept it in balance, was nowhere to be found. It turns out the young Avatar, Ang, was frozen in ice after an accident. Now he’s been found by Katara and her brother Sokka. Together, they must help Ang learn the powers of the elements to save the world from Emperor Ozai.

It’s a kid’s show, but it’s solid entertainment for the whole family.

Perfect for: Watching when your older child is with you

Seasons: Three, plus four seasons of the follow-up series The Legend of Korra, which is also really fun

Kid-friendly: Yes

Stream Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix or Paramount+

Great British Baking Show

The bakers are working against the challenge, not each other.Mark Bourdillon

Paul and Prue (and, in earlier seasons, Paul and Mary) challenge 12 contestants to create gravity defying cakes, lighter-than-air pastry, and show-stopping puddings in this charming series. Unlike most competition shows, the bakers seem to be inclined to face off against the challenge, not each other, and the lovely community they build in the tent in the English countryside is heartwarming as it is sweet (pun intended).

Perfect for: When you need to feel good about humanity.

Seasons: There are five “collections” on Netflix, plus four (shorter) seasons of holiday episodes and a season of Junior Baking Show featuring precocious, precious child bakers.

Kid-friendly: Barring a few innuendo jokes and mild swearing that will likely go over their heads, yes.

Stream The Great British Baking Show on Netflix

Kim’s Convenience

“Appa” and “Umma” are goals.Netflix

Based around a family-run convenience store in Toronto called Kim’s Convenience (hey! just like the show!), the series follows the lives of Yong-mi and Sang-il (aka Umma and Appa) and their adult children, Jung and Janet. You will absolutely fall in love with this hilarious but imperfect family.

Perfect for: When you want to laugh but you also want your heart warmed (and other parts warmed because Simu Liu plays Jung and hot damn...)

Seasons: Five, ended in 2021.

Kid-friendly: Mostly, but every now and then someone swears.

Stream Kim’s Convenience on Netflix.


Superstore is a workplace comedy we haven’t seen before.Hulu

Superstore is a workplace comedy unlike any other. Set in a fictional big box store called Cloud9, the unique setting allows for laughter and drama we don’t always get to see on TV, since the employees are poorly-paid retail workers from diverse backgrounds. Maternity leave (or lack there of), health insurance (or lack there of), corporate abuses of workers, and even immigration are all on the table.

Perfect for: When you want a traditional sitcom with a twist.

Seasons: Six, ended in 2021.

Kid-friendly: For older kids, maybe. It’s rated TV-14, so think of it as being on par with The Office.

Stream Superstore on Hulu.

Chewing Gum

Before there was Fleabag, there was Chewing Gum.HBO Max

If you loved Fleabag, you’re going to love Chewing Gum. The two series are a lot alike: both originated as stage plays written by absolutely brilliant British women who frequently break the fourth wall. But unlike Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character, Michaela Coel’s Tracy is an extremely sheltered 24-year-old shopkeeper who is waiting for her life to begin... starting with sex, something frowned upon in her extremely religious immigrant family.

Perfect for: You want to cackle hysterically, but also feel compassion for people with messy but relatable lives.

Seasons: 2

Kid-Friendly: Oh definitely not.

Stream Chewing Gum on HBOMax.

Happy watching!