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Wackadoo! Here's Everything You Need To Know To Watch Bluey Season 2

Everything parents need to know about how to catch up with the Heeler family.

If your kids don't already know Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chili from the sweet and silly Heeler family, consider yourself missing out. Sure, the Australian animated TV series Bluey is absolutely a hit among preschool-aged children, but its themes and subject matter have also captivated parents. That said, families in the United States have likely watched Season 1 again and again by now, so how can you watch Season 2 of Bluey?

When Bluey first premiered in 2018, episodes aired exclusively in Australia on ABC Kids — that's the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, not the American Broadcasting Company. But as the show took off, it quickly became apparent that Bluey was a pup that kids all over the world would love. As a result, The Walt Disney Company purchased Bluey's international broadcasting rights in 2019, effectively bringing the Heeler family's hijinks overseas to viewers in the United States.

Where To Watch Season 2 Of Bluey

The second season of Bluey features a whopping 51 episodes. It premiered in Australia in March 2020 and ended with a Dec. 1 Christmas special. But while the second season of the hit children's show has concluded in Australia, viewers in the United States are still working their way through the season.

Season 2 of Bluey premiered on DisneyNOW, the Disney Channel, and Disney Junior in July. According to What's On Disney+, the second season of Bluey will land on Walt Disney's streaming service, Disney+, once the show has finished its initial run on Disney Junior. One recent episode even featured Robert Irwin as a guest star!

For now, however, fans can either tune into episodes as they air on Disney Junior — see the channel's full listings schedule here — or head on over to DisneyNOW. A number of episodes from Bluey's second season can currently be streamed for free on DisneyNOW; additional episodes can be watched after signing in with an eligible TV provider subscription. Fans can also catch episodes of Bluey's second season with a Hulu + Live TV subscription.

How To Catch Up On Season 1 Of Bluey

New and old fans of Bluey can catch up on the Heeler family's past adventures with Season 1 of the popular animated Australian series. All 51 episodes of the series' first season can be viewed for free at Bluey's official website or on Disney+.

What's Up With Season 3 Of Bluey?

In September, Perth Now reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had confirmed a third season of Bluey had been ordered. "We're so happy to be given this opportunity to make a third series of Bluey and look forward to working once again with the incredibly talented and hardworking team on brand new episodes," the news outlet reported Ludo Studio Executive Producer Charlie Aspinwall said in a statement.

It's unclear, however, when Season 3 of Bluey will be available to watch in the United States. For now, fans of all ages will have to keep busy watching Season 2 (and, let's be honest) rewatching Season 1.