Jason Kelce lost his Super Bowl ring in a kiddie pool of chili.
Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Jason Kelce Lost His Super Bowl Ring In A Kiddie Pool — Full Of Chili

“I think the insurance company might have some things to say about whether they’re going to cover that.”

File Jason Kelce under the “you can’t take this guy anywhere” column. The recently retired NFL player has a habit of really, really letting loose when he’s having a good time, which we love to see. But every once in a while, things go awry for the dad of three. Like for instance, when he managed to lose his precious Super Bowl ring in a kiddie pool at a live event for his New Heights podcast. A kiddie pool, it has to be said, full of chili.

The former Philadelphia Eagles star was at the University of Cincinnati on April 11 with his brother Travis Kelce for a sold-out live event for fans of their New Heights podcast. The pair played a series of games called the Lombaby Games, a New Heights-themed tournament, which included an event where Jason’s Super Bowl ring was stuffed inside a sock and hidden in a kiddie pool filled with chili. Participants were tasked with finding the ring, and the game was inspired by the former NFL center’s tendency to misplace his all important Super Bowl ring.

“As you guys know, this game existed because I continually lose my Super Bowl ring,’ Jason explained on the most recent episode of New Heights. “And I don't even know if Travis still knows this, but I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event. They could not find it.”

Jason went on to admit that he thought he might be able to go find it after the fact, but “all of the stuff has been thrown away. So I think we can safely assume that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill someplace in the Cincinnati tristate area. I didn’t think that would happen.”

Travis was in utter shock, asking his older brother, “What did you expect to happen?!” Jason said that he had already resigned himself to the reality that his Super Bowl ring was gone and filled out an insurance claim, although he admitted, “I think the insurance company might have some things to say about whether they’re going to cover that.”

We’re not terribly surprised by this turn of events. After all, it’s only been a few months since Jason accidentally commandeered a Luchador mask from an eighth grader at a Super Bowl party, ripped his shirt off and chugged beer in the stands alongside his brother’s new girlfriend Taylor Swift, and caused general mayhem at Super Bowl after parties.

Losing that Super Bowl ring was only a matter of time.