Jason Kelce Reveals The One Tattoo He’d Get Is For His Wife Kylie

“You’re notorious for losing rings, Jason, you don’t have to explain yourself,” his brother Travis said.

by Kaitlin Kimont

Jason Kelce has a hard time keep track of his jewelry. Specifically, special rings. You might remember when he lost his Super Bowl ring in a kiddie pool full of chili earlier this year and, in a surprising twist, the dad of three also has a tendency to lose his wedding ring. As you might expect, his wife, Kylie, isn’t thrilled about that habit. But the retired NFL pro has an idea; while he isn’t a huge ink guy, he did reveal the one tattoo he’d get would be a symbol of his marriage.

During the most recent episode of his New Heights podcast with his younger brother Travis, the two talked about the idea of getting a family tattoo. “We talked about doing a family crest or something like that,” Travis said on the podcast, but added, “I would still be open to it. I just don’t have the creative desire to wanna get a tattoo.”

Jason agreed that he’s not 100% sold on the idea. “It’s the forever thing that really puts a damper on it,” he said. “I’ve never pulled the trigger on it, don’t plan on it.”

There is one tattoo idea, however, that he’s hasn’t ruled out. “I might get a wedding ring tattoo because I take my ring off to do a lot of things. I don’t like having rings on,” Jason shared, as Travis confirmed, “You’re notorious for losing rings, Jason, you don’t have to explain yourself.”

“Yup, so I thought about just getting a tattoo,” Jason said, going on to share that his wife Kylie, with whom he shares three daughters (Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 1), doesn’t have a strong opinion on his possible ink. “She’s indifferent ... I mean, she’s a little upset that I lose my ring sometimes.”

Whether or not he gets a wedding ring tattoo, Jason is a sentimental husband. For their sixth wedding anniversary, Jason got Kylie a sword, who he calls “Princess Kyana, as a symbol of their love and bond. “Kylie loves it,” Jason previously said on his podcast, adding that the sword “is not that sharp, but it’s for show. It’s a symbol.”

While a sword might not be the most conventional anniversary gift out there, Jason is clearly head over heels for his wife. During his retirement speech in March, he recalled the night he knew he met his “future wife,” thanked her for “giving me three beautiful girls,” and described his other half as “beautiful and smart, serious and playful.”

“It is no coincidence I have enjoyed the best years of my career with Kylie by my side,” he said in his speech.

Sure, he might lose his wedding ring here and there, but it’s clear their love story is one for the ages. To be safe, perhaps Jason should steer clear of kiddie pools full of food.