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Jennifer Garner Made Creamed Corn With Her Mom & The Video Is So Sweet, Yet So Chaotic

They made “Grandmom corn” and tried not to cut themselves.

If you follow Jennifer Garner on Instagram, you also follow her mom Pat Garner. She has long inspired some of her daughter’s best content, especially when it comes to the actress’ internet-famous Pretend Cooking Show. Whenever Pat makes an appearance with Garner it’s a treat, but nothing is better than when the two of them are in the kitchen together. Like when Garner recently decided to bring her mom in to help her make creamed corn. Pat really stole the show with this recipe, especially with her dangerous knife skills that had her daughter covering her eyes in terror.

Mom of three Pat asked her daughter Jennifer Garner, also a mom of three, if the two of them should make some corn together. And Garner certainly wasn’t arguing, as this is what summer tastes like for her. “My sisters and I grew up on this corn, it tastes like summer,” she wrote on Instagram. “I make mine without sugar and it seems to go down just fine, although of course my kids prefer when it is made by the queen herself. We love Grandmom. Leftovers are great in tomorrow’s salsa!”

Pat confessed that she learned to make this creamed corn from her old neighbor Marge Aldredge, to be precise, who once bragged to Pat, “I learned to make the best creamed corn.” Naturally, Pat decided to use the very same recipe since it was the best. Although her knife skills were definitely not the best.

“You don’t want to cut deeply,” Pat explained while calmly cutting corn off the cob with a huge knife facing towards her. Garner reared back and said, “Mom? You’re not supposed to cut toward yourself.”

Pat, in her infinite wisdom, replied, “Well you cut it then.” A genius deflection.

Garner’s mom continued to be “all loosey-goosey” with the measurements in her recipe, so don’t go thinking you’ll be able to get the full Marge Aldredge-level of creamed corn. It’s worth noting Pat did survive her hard-to-watch corn cutting, perhaps because she’s a professional now since she doesn’t “know how to cut other than toward myself.” Still, Garner did remind her mom that “all of America is worried about you right now, and a little bit of the UK. And Brazil and other places.”

They shouldn’t worry, Pat Garner is made of sterner stuff than that. She even took the cobs out into her backyard in West Virginia to throw them over the hill for the bears to enjoy. Not that she’s seen any bears, unfortunately, but Pat Garner says she would “love to.” Because she’s not afraid of bears. Or cutting herself, apparently.