Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear'

Jeremy Allen White’s Daughters Are Confused By 'The Bear' Fans Calling Him “Chef”

“It’s confusing and strange.”

If you’re a fan of the hit series The Bear, you would probably be hard pressed to call Jeremy Allen White anything but “Chef” if you saw him in public. Or any other cast member for that matter. That’s what all of the staff members of The Original Beef, the restaurant that is the real main character of the culinary series, call each other out of respect. But it’s really not what Jeremy Allen White’s daughters call him in real life. So you can understand their confusion, of course.

Allen White spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how his two daughters, 5-year-old Ezer and 3-year-old Dolores who he shares with ex-wife Addison Timlin, react when fans call him “Chef” out in public. “It’s confusing and strange,” White admitted to the outlet, “But they know about the show.”

Not only do they know about the show, Allen White says one of his daughters has seen just a couple of minutes of it and asks to watch it again and again. “Well my oldest, Ezzy, actually, she really enjoys the first like two minutes of the pilot episode, which is just me getting scared by a bear and then falling on my butt,” White told Entertainment Tonight, referring to a dream sequence from the first episode. “She’ll ask to watch that a lot! But that's all of the show she’s seen.”

Do you know what she has seen, though? The awards Allen White keeps in her bedroom. Not that she or her sister take his awards too seriously. “They've started calling these Daddy's trophy winner cups and they really like them, so they can hang onto them for me,” he told People last year.

While his daughters might be too young to make the connection between their dad and his fame, they could actually call him chef themselves. Because Allen White has been known to cook for his daughters when called to do so. In 2022, he told People, “I cook breakfast for my daughters every morning, nothing terribly fancy.”

If he’s anything like his character Carmy in The Bear, his version of “nothing terribly fancy” is probably pretty incredible. And let’s face it, he’s cooking for little kids. They’d probably call him “Chef” if he poured cereal into a bowl.