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Jessie James Decker Reveals Her Go-To “Nursing Snack” As She Prepares For Baby #4

Between three grade-schoolers and nursing, this pantry staple is a must.

Jessie James Decker wears many hats. She’s a country singer, a reality star, a fashion designer, and cookbook author. Now she’s adding another role to her resume: sympathetic campaigner for… celery. Specifically, the celery served alongside hot wings at Super Bowl parties that almost universally gets discarded (because who wants vegetables when you’re eating hot wings...).

“Only you can help save the celery,” Decker says with mock seriousness in a new Instagram post for her partnership with Jif peanut butter. As we all know, celery only really exists to serve as a peanut delivery mechanism: it’s the perfect way to salvage it. Joking aside, Decker says the partnership, which is offering a free jar of Jif delivered by Gopuff on Feb. 11 (aka Super Bowl Sunday) via www.savethecelery.com, made a lot of sense, especially given the fact that she’s heavily pregnant with her fourth child and peanut butter has been a go-to postpartum snack for years.

“Every time I’ve had a baby, I immediately want graham crackers with peanut butter spread on top of it as my nursing snack,” she tells Romper by Zoom. She doesn’t have much longer to wait — in the words of one of her latest social media posts, Baby #4, a boy, should be coming “any day now.”

Decker didn’t necessarily imagine she’d be pregnant again after having three children in four years. In the past, she made headlines about urging her husband, former Denver Broncos wide-receiver Eric Decker, to get a vasectomy. Eric, due to misconceptions lots of guys have about getting the ol’ snip-snip, steadfastly refused. In fact, last year, Decker decided to have a little good-natured fun by appearing in a Father’s Day commercial for Aviation Gin. In it, she cheekily mixed a cocktail called The Vasectomy — “Something my husband has refused to get” — smiling through passive aggressive digs about the ease of the procedure and supporting your wife. Eric was clearly in on the joke since he made an appearance in the commercial as well.

But it wasn’t long after then that the joke turned on them…

“I think we filmed that commercial at the end of April,” Decker recalls, “and then I took my mom to Italy second week of May — when I came back from Italy is when it all went down. Then the commercial came out, and I think two days later I found out I was pregnant. I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

It’s been a few years since having a newborn in the family. Baby #4 will join older sister Vivianne, turning 10 next month, Eric Jr., 8, and Forrest, turning 6 next month. Decker says having children old enough to understand what that means has made this a very different experience. “They are so excited,” she says warmly. “When I had Forrest, [Vivianne and Eric Jr.] were still babies themselves; they just weren’t as aware of what it meant. I don’t even know that they remember life without Forrest, that’s how young they all were. But this time around, I mean, I’m going to have a little girl who’s 10 years old, so she is completely aware of what this means.”

She says that her sister’s baby Sonny, now 6 months old, has helped show her kids what to expect from an infant sibling, from understanding how fragile newborns are to getting comfortable with the notion of breastfeeding. “It’s been a really great little training process for them over the last six months,” she says. “And they were just at my sister’s yesterday and Vivi’s walking around holding Sonny, and she’s so good and relaxed. And I’m like, ‘She’s ready. She’s so ready for this.’”

As for Decker, she’s excited in a way only an experienced mom can be.

“I just am excited about new baby again,” she says enthusiastically. “New baby smells. This time is so special and it’s so short-lived, I just want to just savor every moment, so I’m really excited to be able to have that again. Just sitting in the hospital and just staring at this baby that’s been growing in me for the last nine months. I cannot wait.”