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20 Photos That Prove Kate Middleton Is The Queen Of Fall Fashion

Her boot collection alone is drool-worthy.

Even before she established herself as the Duchess of Cambridge by marrying Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton was already the Queen of fall fashion. She brought a new sense of style to the royal family with a specialty in perfect fitting jeans and buttery soft riding boots, recalling a bit of her late mother-in-law Princess Diana while also maintaining her own outdoorsy style. And honestly no one can get enough.

Now that Kate Middleton and Prince William are parents of three adorable children, 8-year-old Prince George, 6-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 3-year-old Prince Louis respectively, it would be understandable if she let down the fashion side just slightly. Bite your tongue, that will obviously never happen. Becoming a mother and a duchess and a future queen has done nothing to curb Middleton’s own down-to-earth fall fashion style. In fact, I think Kate Middleton might secretly be a huge fan of fall. Like, a pumpkin spice latte drinker and watcher of Gilmore Girls and a carver of Jack-O-Lanterns possibly even. That’s how strong her fall fashion game truly is, she is basically the arbiter of all things autumnal.

That being said, if you are looking for fall fashion looks that really push the envelope... Kate Middleton is not for you. She knows what she likes, and we know we like what she likes. Simply use these looks for your everyday inspiration.

Early Fashion Icon

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Back in 2007 Kate Middleton was not yet a member of the royal family, but she was already a royal fashion icon. Her monochromatic look of brown tulip skirt, blazer, and heeled boots at a horse race in Gloucestershire in 2007 holds up to today’s standards.

The Ultimate Riding Boots

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Kate Middleton is a fan of re-wearing her tried-and-true favorites like these knee high riding boots from 2018. And who could blame her; this is her quintessential look. Green coat and sweater, slim khakis, and perfect hair. Never forget the perfect hair.

Pretty In Plaid

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Somehow Kate Middleton is able to play sports at her alma mater of St. Andrew’s College in Scotland kitted out in a green and navy plaid coat and heeled boots. Truly a gem.

Duchess Ahoy!

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In October 2013 Kate Middleton wore a striped tee, a navy blazer, jeans and wedges to an event. A perfect fall look.

A Classic Ivory Sweater Look

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Who doesn’t love an ivory cable knit sweater when the weather turns cool like the one Kate Middleton wore in 2014 in New Zealand?

The Royal Purple Coat

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This coat worn by Kate Middleton in November 2019. Purple. Nipped-in waist. Flounced skirt. Three-quarter sleeves. Worn with black tights. A strong royal look.

Keeping It Chic & Simple

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During her visit to Canada in the fall of 2016, Kate Middleton wore a particularly practical fall look. Black ankle pants, white tee, white blazer, low ponytail, and patterned loafers. Iconic.

A Flouncy Fall Dress

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During an outing with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Canada in 2016, Kate Middleton wore a long-sleeved flounced red-and-white dress and red shoes. A great transitional look.

Buttoned Up Against The Cold

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In November 2015, Kate Middleton wore a sleek grey coat and black turtleneck to ward off the cold.

Riding Boots Strike Again

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There’s no bad weather, only bad outfits. And Kate Middleton’s choice of her favorite riding boots, slim pants, rain coat, and turtleneck kept her smiling and warm in 2019.

She Loves A Sneaker Too

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When Kate Middleton boarded a tall ship in Canada in 2016, she was kitted out in a version of one of her best fall looks. Casual coat, slim jeans, low ponytail, and white sneakers.

Kate In A Caftan

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An October 2019 visit to Pakistan saw Kate Middleton stepping out of her fashion box ever so slightly. She wore a thigh-length caftan and white pants with her hair down, and she looked like she was really feeling that easy style.

Safety First

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Kate Middleton wore a life preserver during a fishing trip off the coast of British Columbia in 2016 and somehow made it look great. I think it’s the watch and the red turtleneck sweater underneath.

The Double-Breasted Camel Coat


Few things are easier than putting on a long coat, and Kate Middleton’s choice of a double-breasted camel coat during a visit to Scotland in 2019 was great. She could have been wearing pajamas under that coat and scarf and we never would have known.

Look Who’s Back?


Kate Middleton’s favorite boots never go out of style. She paired them in 2021 with an argyle sweater, a dark green coat, and her husband.

Easy Breezy Pants

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In October 2019 Kate Middleton got ahead of the wide-legged pant trend in olive green culottes and a burgundy turtleneck.

A Pop Of Color

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Navy is always a good choice, especially this navy double breasted coat worn by Kate Middleton with the pop of a red scarf peeking out from underneath.

Tennis, Anyone?


Kate Middleton’s v-neck white sweater, ankle pants, and white sneakers are ready for the tennis courts and also drinks after.

Going Full Sporty Mum

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A 2021 visit to St. Andrew’s College saw Kate Middleton don her most sporty mom look yet. Jeans, hiking boots, a sweater, puffer coat, and... a baseball cap. Wow.

Slightly Updating A Classic

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Kate Middleton rarely strays from her favorite fall look, but she does give it an update every now and then. Switch out the riding boots for hiking boots, update the coat and add a collared shirt under her light green sweater and there you have it. Kate Middleton’s guide to timeless fall looks.