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Kate Middleton Wore Matching Pink Dresses With A Little Royal Fan

She was keeping a promise to 5-year-old Mila.

Last August, the Duchess of Cambridge spoke to a 5-year-old girl named Mila on the phone. Mila Sneddon was one of the subjects of the Hold Still campaign Kate Middleton had championed alongside the National Portrait Gallery, which aimed to record the experiences of people across the United Kingdom during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Mila was unable to see most of her family during the lockdown as she was going through chemotherapy to battle Leukemia and was immunocompromised, and her dad Scott visited her every day through a window.

Last summer, the 5-year-old spoke to Middleton about her dad and how he couldn’t see her due to her treatment, before moving quickly into the question that was clearly on her mind, “Do you have a costume?” She is only 5, after all, and speaking to a real-life princess on the phone. “I’m not wearing a princess costume right now, I’m afraid Mila,” Middleton explained before asking Mila what her favorite color might be. “Pink,” she replied, and Middleton promised, “OK, well I have to make sure to go and find myself a pink dress” to wear if ever the two were to meet. Mila’s response to the Duchess of Cambridge promising to wear a pink dress for her? “Yay!”

And on Thursday, Middleton met Mila. And both of them wore their pink dresses.

Kate Middleton wore a pink dress for Mila.

Middleton wore a long pink dress from ME+EM that matched Mila’s little pink dress, and when the two met for the first time the Duchess of Cambridge admitted to the sweet little girl, “I want to give you a big squeezy hug.” Instead, Middleton settled for Mila giving her a little twirl in her pink dress and marveled over her shoes. The two went on to have tea at the Palace of Holyroodhouse along with Mia’s mom, and the look on the little girl’s face says it all.

Mila is excited to wear matching dresses with Kate Middleton.

In an interview with the Daily Mail after meeting Middleton, Mila confidently explained that the Duchess of Cambridge had visited because “she really wanted to meet me.” Clearly the mother of three knows how to make a kid feel special. And understands that little ones want to embrace the magic of her princess title, even if she doesn’t really use it herself. During a recent visit with nursery school kids in Orkney, Scotland, for instance, a little boy asked her if she was a prince. She laughed and said, “No,” then nodded when he asked if she was a princess.

A princess whether she’s in jeans and a coat or a pink dress.