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Keke Palmer Caught Her Son Leo Saying “Mama” On Video & The Way Her Jaw Dropped

She caught the special moment on camera.

Keke Palmer is ready to cry over her most recent video with 1-year-old son Leodis “Leo” Jackson. The mom of one was just filming a sweet video with her little boy cuddled up against her when he very clearly said “Mama” out of the blue. Much clearer than he had ever said it before, as she explained on Instagram. And she managed to catch the moment on video to have forever. No wonder her jaw dropped to the floor when he said it.

The Big Boss star took to Instagram on Friday to share a video with her son Leo, who she welcomed last February with ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. Leo gave a shy smile in the video and sort of curled into his mom, putting his head on her shoulder.

“Why you always play shy, brother?” she asked him with a smile. “You is not shy, brother!” He didn’t seem to have much to say in response to that, squirming around in her arms as she asked him, “Do mommy look good with the blood on her face?” Palmer appears to be in production and had prop blood smeared on her face. Leo just said, “Mama” in response, and the joyful shock on Palmer’s face said everything. As did her caption, “I’m not crying YOU ARE.”

Palmer’s followers were excited for her, writing messages like, “You caught it on camera!!!” and “He called you Mommy while you was giving Zombie!!!! REAL LOVE!!!” When one person asked her if this was the first time Leo called her Mama, Palmer confirmed it was indeed a special moment. “Saying it so clear, yes!” she replied.

Leo is really becoming his own person these days and finding his voice. Whether he’s calling out for his Mama or developing a discerning palate for adult food as opposed to baby food, as Palmer told Romper in January, he just knows what he wants. “Once he started being able to taste some food off of my plate, it became a problem for that baby food. So I’m in a scenario where I’m having to put a lot of my food in the food processor and just give it to him that way because he wants the flavor, honey!” Who knows, maybe he’ll be saying “Mama, flavor!” at dinnertime.