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Khloé Kardashian’s Daughter Convinced Her To Get A Second Cat & Now She’s At Her Max

“Two is enough.”

Khloé Kardashian never thought she would want even one cat in her house, let alone two. The reality star is famously very particular about her home, known by Kardashians fans as someone who likes everything to be organized and clean, and pets didn’t seem like they would be part of the picture. But that was before she became a mom of two. Now her kids have managed to convince her to get not just one cat but a second adorable little kitten, and this is what parenting looks like. You think you’ll say no, but you just can’t.

The Good American designer took to Instagram on Wednesday to introduce the newest member of her family, “Baby Kitty,” who appeared to be a birthday present for her 6-year-old daughter True. “Welcome to the family Baby Kitty,” she wrote alongside photos and videos of the sweet little grey kitten, not to be confused with the family’s other cat called Grey Kitty. “All True wanted for her six [sic] birthday was another kitty. She is such a great kitty mommy to Grey Kitty. I know she will be just as wonderful to Baby Kitty.”

Khloé, who also shares 1-year-old son Tatum with her ex Tristan Thompson, went on to share that never thought she’d be a cat owner. “Never in a million years did I think I would have one cat let alone two. But here we are and I love them. I love how much my kids love them as well. But this is my maximum for cats. Two is enough. Anyways, welcome Baby Kitty to the family. I’m sure Grey Kitty will be so happy to have a friend.”

While she might not have been a fan of welcoming two cats into the house at first, Khloé certainly seemed like she was getting a kick out of Baby Kitty’s antics as the tiny grey kitten ran around the house and snuggled into a big grey blanket. And to be completely fair to True, she has shown a lot of love for Grey Kitty since they first adopted her in 2022. Mom and daughter even dressed as matching Grey Kitties for Halloween that year, which is real dedication.

She was obviously right for convincing her mom to get a second cat. And even if she wasn’t, at least Grey Kitty has a pal now. A feisty, energetic kitten. Who doesn’t want that in their house?