Khloe Kardashian in Episode 5 of 'The Kardashians'

Fans Are Really Frustrated With How Kim Kardashian Accused Khloé Of Mom-Shaming Her

“kim getting mad at khloe for wanting to spend time with her kids is crazy.”

Mom of two Khloé Kardashian has been catching heat from her sister Kim throughout the fifth season of The Kardashians on Hulu. The SKIMS mogul has been complaining that Khloé is spending too much time with her children, 6-year-old daughter True and 2-year-old son Tatum, and continually claims that she is worried that the Good American designer is somehow missing out on life. Things came to a head on the June 27th episode of The Kardashians when Kim accused her sister of mom-shaming her, but fans were actually on Khloé’s side for this argument.

The most recent episode saw Kim, who is mom to 10-year-old daughter North, 8-year-old son Saint, 6-year-old daughter Chicago, and 4-year-old son Psalm with ex-husband Kanye West, decide to confront Khloé about a time she felt like her sister was mom-shaming her. According to Kim, she had asked her mom Kris Jenner to take her daughter Chicago and son Psalm to school as she was having a busy week, and Khloé went over to help Kris get the kids ready. Which meant reaching out to Kim to ask if she could do Chicago’s hair for her.

“I have a bone to pick with you,” Kim tells her sister, who seemed oblivious to any tension. She went on to say that she was offended by the way Khloé asked to do Chi’s hair, and that it made her feel attacked. “I know her hair looked shi**y,” Kim said to an incredulous-looking Khloé. “Thank you for reminding me that I didn’t have the time to do her f*cking hair one night before bed and wash it.”

Khloé was not having it. “It sounds like you’re dealing with a bunch of your own bullsh*t, then you decided to just harvest this and build up all this animosity toward me when this is a you-f*cking- problem,” she said. “I swear you just want to project whatever you’re going through and take it out on me. And I could handle it, but only for so long. I’m not going to be here all day, so if you need to slap me or something, do it.”

Fans agreed with Khloé that Kim might be projecting on to her sister.

Some fans took umbrage with Kim telling her sister to have conversations with “human beings” later in the episode, rather than her kids.

By the end of the episode, things had still not really been resolved between the sisters. Khloé joined the rest of the family for a kid-free getaway in Aspen and revisited the argument with Kim. Neither sister really budged, even when Kris and Kendall Jenner jumped in. Motherhood brings up a lot of sensitive stuff for people, and perhaps we’ll see these two work things out over the next few episodes.