Khloe and Kim Kardashian had a pink day at World of Barbie.
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Kim & Khloé Kardashian Had A *Pink* Day Out At World Of Barbie With Their Little Girls

They went head-to-toe pink.

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Kim and Khloé Kardashian had just about the pinkest day out with their little girls recently. The two moms celebrated the end of the school year with a little trip to World of Barbie in Los Angeles, and if you can’t handle hot pink, you might not want to see the pictures because this family has gone full Barbiecore.

Kim and Khloé took to social media to share a bevy of amazing photos from their visit to World of Barbie, with Khloé’s 5-year-old daughter True, Kim’s 5-year-old daughter Chicago, as well as their two nieces, 6-year-old Dream and 5-year-old Stormi. The World of Barbie experience allows visitors to feel like they truly are in Barbie’s world, with interactive activities including a visit to Barbie’s iconic dreamhouse, photo opportunities in a life-size Barbie box, and seeing the very first doll ever made. Plus pretending to cook in the Barbie kitchen, checking out some full-sized costumes. It looks like a Barbie-lovers dream.

In keeping with the hot pink Barbie theme, both Kim and Khloé joined the little girls in dressing in head-to-toe pink. Kim Kardashian rocked a pair of knee high stiletto pink boots while Khloé wore a full fuchsia catsuit and matching boots.

Khloe and Kim had a blast with the kids at World of Barbie.Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

The little girls went slightly more casual with their pink outfits. True Thompson wore a sparkly pink skirt with a tank top and a Barbie sweatshirt, while Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream went for pink leggings and a pink tank top.

The Kardashian kids got to pretend to be on a Barbie show.Kim Kardashian/Instagram

As for Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi, she looked to be wearing all white. She was still in the Barbie spirit, however, posing with her cousins, or as Khloé calls them, the “Barbie squad,” on the set of an imaginary Barbie Show and grinning.

Khloe had just as much fun as the kids at World of Barbie.Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

As much fun as the girls were having, mom of two Khloé Kardashian was right there with them. She posed in the Barbie camper while hugging niece Stormi, looking relaxed and happy. Which was a big change from her emotional reaction to True’s Pre-K graduation just a few days ago when she admitted she was “not ok” with the big milestone.

Now she knows. Barbie fixes everything.

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