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Bible... Kris Jenner Thought In-N-Out Burgers Cost $300

But does she know the price of bananas?

Kris Jenner is fast becoming the most iconic of all Kardashians lately. She is the momager behind the entire dynasty, the woman who holds all of her incredibly famous daughters up and keeps them working, keeps the family going. She’s savvy and self-deprecating and looks like she would be a blast to chat with over several martinis (vodka, of course). But she has lost a little something through all of this success. Like the ability to price fast food burgers, for example. She figures they’re around $300.

During the most recent episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, the mom of six opened up to daughter Kim about how she sometimes feels like the family’s fame is a “curse,” and that she “sometimes feels like I’ve helped build something that can also be a burden.” While she was talking about the “haters” who love to be angry at her family, there was another element that she didn’t really seem too concerned about. Losing touch with reality. Like when she headed over to In-N-Out Burger later on in the episode with Khloé, Kim, and a bunch of friends for Kim’s 42nd birthday, and Kris tried to pay $300 for burgers.

Kris joined her daughters for a birthday celebration for Kim that was meant to take place in Las Vegas and was rerouted back home in Los Angeles due to some turbulence. The women were all dressed up with nowhere to go, so the momager offered to take them for a bite to eat.

“I actually have cash,” Kris told the women, and they headed over to In-N-Out for burgers. Dressed in sequins and feathers for a night out in Vegas, everyone lined up for a bite to eat. And Jenner gave Khloé the money to pay.

“Mom, I don’t know how the f*ck you’ve never been to a fast food restaurant,” the Good American designer said to her mom. “We don’t need hundreds of dollars.”

Kris settled on giving her daughter $100 even though she wanted to give her $300 because she “doesn’t realize how much fast food restaurants are.” Meanwhile, Kim was just excited to be enjoying a “vegan cheat meal” of cheeseburgers and cheese fries, paid for by her mom. Who waited in the car to have the food delivered to her after paying $58 for it. Iconic.