Kris Jenner Reveals Her Dying Wish Is To Make Necklaces From Her Bones
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Kris Jenner Wants Her Bones Made Into Necklaces For Her Daughters When She Dies

The momager has some original ideas for a future family heirloom.

It should come as no surprise that momager Kris Kardashian is a fan of all things bling. The mother of six is definitely a devotee of diamonds, and has been known to pair her no-nonsense power suits with some pretty epic statement necklaces. But Kardashian is taking her love of accessories to the next level when she revealed that her dying wish is to gift her daughters some very unusual jewelry when the time comes to kick the bucket. Instead of the usual family heirlooms, Jenner has a much more original idea — she wants to fashion her cremated bones into necklaces for her kids to wear.

It all went down on the latest episode of Hulu’s reality show The Kardashians when Kardashian was on bed rest after a hip surgery and chatted it up with her doting daughters.

“Kim asked the doctor to save her my bones so she could make jewelry out of it,” the momager told her youngest daughter Kylie Jenner over the phone.

“Remember when you wanted your ashes, you wanted to be cremated and made into necklaces for us?” Khloe Kardashian chimed in.

“That’s a great idea,” said the head of the KarJenner fam.

Kardashian is actually no stranger to questionable necklace situations. The entrepreneur was once the creator of her very own Elegance pearl necklace collection, and proudly displayed the unique piece on Twitter. But fans were quick to notice that her supposedly fancy chain (that retailed for $175) looked suspiciously like a a string of plain old paperclips.

Even the office supply store Staples took note of Jenner stepping on their turf, when the store came back with a hilariously savage reply. “Also available in aisle 7.... #ThinkStaples,” tweeted Staples Canada in 2016.

But when it comes to unusual plans for mortality, Khloe is not about to be outdone by her over-the-top mama. The Good American founder let it be known that should she find herself in an unconscious position, she is equipped with a will that will ensure the maintenance of her extravagant acrylics. “If I’m in a coma, I’m still getting my nails done once a week and that’s in my will because people are gonna visit me,” Khloe shared this week on The Kardashians.

Coma Glam? Only a Kardashian could come up with that. And we definitely cannot keep up!