Kristen Bell is working to keep mentally healthy like so many moms.
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Kristen Bell's Instagram Selfie Is A Message For Anyone Who's 'Struggling'

She's just trying to "do the next right thing."

It's a struggle many moms know all too well: Trying to find balance in our lives. Trying to keep our mental health in a good place as we also work to protect our kids from the realities of the world, worry about our careers, our health, our relationships. There is no shame in admitting things are tough, not ever, and this seems to be the message behind Kristen Bell's recent post about mental health. The mom of two admitted that she had spent two weeks "struggling" for a bunch of different reasons, and her honesty was a reminder to us all to check in with ourselves every now and again.

The Bad Moms actress has long been an advocate for getting rid of the stigma surrounding mental health issues. During a 2019 keynote speech at the MINDBODY BOLD conference in California, she discussed her own journey with trying to understand some of her triggers with mental health, "I’m trying to figure out why, and I have all these checks and balances of like, ‘am I working out enough, does my medication need to be changed, why am I feeling so much' — cause it’s just burying me,” Bell explained. “And I think I realized it’s because I’ve been doing so many things that are forward-facing and not enough work on myself. Or not work on myself, but just being myself.”

Even a woman as in tune with her own emotions as Bell can still struggle from time to time. And the trick, as Bell wrote in her Wednesday Instagram post, is to just keep trying to "do the next right thing."

Kristen Bell is opening up about her mental health struggles.

She went on to explain, "I've been struggling the last 2 weeks, for who-knows-why-slash-ALL-the-reasons. Today I finally got back on the treadmill, figuratively and literally. And I'm proud. "Good job, kb." I said to myself. To anyone who's been feeling the same, you can do it. Just do the next right thing. I love u. Xo."

Several social media users reached out with their own stories of mental health struggles, like this person who wrote, "That was me all last week... I was in a super depressed state... the past three days I went hiking and it helped a lot. Far from fixed, I have a lot more work to do but it’s a new week.. .good job KB." Another person told Bell that her post was exactly what she needed right now, writing, "i haven’t been doing great and this is just so inspiring. thank you for always being so open about your struggle with mental health. ur amazing. love u always."

Bell and her actor husband Dax Shepard are parents to two daughters, 7-year-old Lincoln and 6-year-old Delta, both of whom are being homeschooled. The actress admitted in April that homeschooling has been a bit of a tough go, and more recently Bell opened up about husband Shepard's relapse on his sobriety journey. These moments in life can cause added stress, and that's okay.

Bell is checking in with herself, regrouping, and getting back on that treadmill. And reminding us all that we owe it to ourselves to do the same.