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Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are filming 'Freaky Friday 2.'
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Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsay Lohan Are Officially Filming Freaky Friday 2

Tess and Anna Coleman are back at it!

Tess and Anna Coleman are back at it. More than 20 years after they first teamed up for the body switching 2003 classic remake Freaky Friday, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are officially back on set for Freaky Friday 2 and filming the sequel.

Disney issued an official announcement on Monday about the status of the much-anticipated sequel to the 2003 movie Freaky Friday, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis as stressed out mom Tess Coleman and Lindsay Lohan as her angst-ridden teen daughter Anna. The two swapped bodies in the original film, and now they’re coming back for round two.

“The Colemans are back and coming to theaters in 2025,” Disney Studios shared on Instagram alongside a photo of Curtis and Lohan sitting on the steps of their side-by-side trailers on set Although in true Freaky Friday fashion, they have swapped and sit in front of each other’s trailers. “The sequel to Freaky Friday is now in production!”

The photo sees Lohan and Curtis, who is sporting her slippers and giving the “rock on” sign,” holding hands and smiling. Which makes sense, as the two women have remained close since they first appeared on screen in the 2013 movie. In fact, these two might be the only people who are more excited to see the sequel happen than their fans.

Jamie Lee Curtis shared more photos from her time on set with Lohan on Instagram, writing “FREAK OUT TIME” alongside a video of the two stars bonding to the tune of Lohan’s song “Take Me Away” from the 2003 movie.

Fans are, indeed, freaking out. “SCREAMING OMGGGG,” one commented, while another added, “OMG 😱😱😱😱 I'm so happy right now 😭😭😭.”

“My 2025 has just been made,” one more said.

Both Lohan and Curtis have been very open about their interest in doing a sequel together over the past few years, with Lohan telling The New York Times in 2023, “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be. We would only make something that people would absolutely adore.” Disney confirmed last May that the movie was indeed in the works without giving a date or any plot information at the time. Entertainment Weekly has reported, however that this time around, Anna swaps bodies with her 14-year-old daughter Harper, while Tess body-swaps with 14-year-old Lily, the daughter of Anna’s new boyfriend.

But most importantly, for now, we know both Lohan and Curtis are currently filming the sequel and we have a vague premiere date to look forward to in 2025.