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Turns Out Lindsay Lohan’s Son Luai Is A Real Hair Puller

“I have bald spots.”

Lindsay Lohan was so excited to become a mom when she and husband Bader Shammas welcomed baby boy Luai last July. In a recent interview with Bustle, the Mean Girls actress said of having a child, “it’s a whole new, different kind of love you thought you could never experience.” Now that he’s here, Lohan has also gotten something else: bald spots. Because baby Luai is a big hair puller. And really likes to dig into his mom’s hair in particular.

Lohan says that most of her time these days is mostly spent playing with the grabby 8-month-old. “Right now he just loves being outside and taking walks,” she told People, “so I just try to get him outside as much as I can because he loves looking around.”

When Luai isn’t sitting in his stroller enjoying the outdoors, he’s busy pulling his mom’s hair. “He's ripping my hair out now, so that's the new thing,” Lohan added. “He pulls my baby hairs too, so I have bald spots.”

Parents of babies know that this is pretty common for Luai’s age. Pulling hair, biting, pinching, all of those vaguely vicious pursuits are really just a way for little ones to explore their environment. They usually grow out of it. And, fortunately, that hair usually grows back. But even if it didn’t, we’re guessing Lohan would tolerate it.

Lohan’s baby boy, who counts Ayesha and Steph Curry as his super famous godparents, does enjoy other, less painful pursuits. Like watching The Parent Trap, starring his mom as twins Hallie Parker and Annie James, for example. Lohan told Drew Barrymore that she recently was coming home from work after shooting a movie and “my son was getting ready for dinner time, and I opened the door, and he was watching The Parent Trap. It was just on the TV. I started crying,” she added, getting emotional because, “He doesn’t even know that’s mommy.”

Lohan’s son Luai will certainly have loads of time to figure out that his mommy is in some pretty incredible movies in her oeuvre and more coming! (We’re especially excited about that Freaky Friday sequel she and Jamie Lee Curtis have confirmed.) We just need Luai to keep his little fingers off his mother’s trademark red hair if he can. We get it, kiddo, but she needs it for her movies.