"Om Nom Nom Nom"

Lizzo Had A Blast Playing A Cookie Flute On Sesame Street Until Cookie Monster Took Over

He just couldn’t help himself.

Lizzo has played some pretty impressive flutes in the past. She famously played a 220-year-old crystal flute loaned to her by the Library of Congress, a flute that was once played by President James Madison. You would think that might be a pretty tough act to follow, but then you probably didn’t know about Sesame Street’s iconic cookie flute. Lizzo dropped by Sesame Street to check out the cookie flute with Elmo and Cookie Monster, and I’ll let you guess which one of them was really tempted to take a big bite out of it.

The “Truth Hurts” singer was introduced to “Sesame Street’s famous cookie flute” by her red furry pal Elmo in a short video. Lizzo takes the cookie flute, explaining to Elmo, “I’ve played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before.” She begins to play and of course it sounds great. So great that Elmo starts to dance and Cookie Monster comes on over to check out what’s going on. “Oh boy, can me try?” Cookie Monster asks. Lizzo then hands him the cookie flute and says, “I didn’t know you played the flute Cookie Monster.”

“Me don’t,” he admits before chowing down on the cookie flute.

Lizzo points out that this was “the one and only cookie flute,” and Cookie Monster says that he knew, and it was such “an honor” before playing the flute inside his throat. Really well, actually — he gets both Lizzo and Elmo dancing. The singer wasn’t too bothered by Cookie Monster digesting the one and only cookie flute, or so it seemed when she shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Definitely didn’t see that one coming! Honored to play the one and only cookie flute with my friends @elmo & Cookie Monster!”

This is not the first time Cookie Monster and Lizzo have collaborated. Back in 2019, Cookie Monster was so inspired by Lizzo’s smash hit “Truth Hurts” that he wrote his own version of the lyrics, “Me just took a DNA test turns out me 100% cookies...” Lizzo loved the lyrics Cookie Monster shared on Twitter and added her own for his version, “YOU COULD HAVE A BIG BATCH, WAY COMMITTAL. IF YOU RECORD THOSE NEW LYRICS, JUST FOR TWITTER. FREE CHIPS AHOYYYYYYYYY!, NOTHING HOLDING US BACK. AND THAT’S THE SOOOUUUNND OF YOU RECORDING THAT TRACK?”

At this point I think we can only assume that Cookie Monster and Lizzo will be putting out an album together anytime now.