Luke Combs has a new song about fatherhood.
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Luke Combs Is Making Dads Emotional With His New Song He Wrote For His Sons

The song, “The Man He Sees In Me,” is featured on the country singer’s new album Fathers & Sons, which drops on June 14.

Fatherhood has really affected Luke Combs. The Grammy award-winning country singer is dad to two little boys under the age of two, and has clearly been thinking about the way his sons will see him as they get older. So much so that he recently released a new song called “The Man He Sees In Me,” and it’s really going to resonate with fathers everywhere. In fact, it’s already bringing his fans to tears.

Combs, who shares 2-year-old son Tex Lawrence and 10-month-old son Beau Lee, wrote “The Man He Sees In Me” as a tribute to his two little boys, but also out of his own worry about how they might see him differently as they grew up. Ahead of the song’s release, he wrote a letter to his sons and shared a photo of it on Instagram. “With this song I want you to know that, even though I’m not perfect, I try every day to be the best version of myself for you both,” the letter reads. “I’ll make mistakes along the way and some days you’ll be sick of your old man but dang, we’ll have some fun too.”

“The Man He Sees In Me” was released on June 6 ahead of Combs’ new album Fathers & Sons, and it really seems to speak to dads.

The lyrics in particular are especially heartfelt:

“He's Spiderman in Walmart boots and a camouflage hat/With a baby blue Zebco that gets hung up every cast/He thinks he’s learning fishing from the man that taught Bill Dance/And I think as I untangle it and put it in his hands... I hope he never finds out that I didn't hang the moon/And I've never scared a monster out the closet in his room/One day between him leavin’ home and drivin' on my knee/Maybe I'll finally be, the man he sees in me.”

“The Man He Sees In Me” had people getting emotional. “Got me tearing up on a Tuesday evening man,” wrote one of Combs’ followers while another added, “You're not gonna let our tears dry up huh Luke?”

“Instant tears from a dad of a 2 year old boy,” one dad wrote on YouTube. “Luke is THE FACE of modern country music. P.S. we all owe him a thank you for writing these gems sent to him from above.”

Another dad absolutely understood what Combs was singing about. “Every father who loves his son from here to the moon, has a deep understanding of these lyrics. Thanks Luke!”

“I’m not crying, you’re crying! Luke finds a way to say what every hard working father feels, but can’t put into words,” one more said, while yet another added, “Beautiful. As a father, I felt every word of this.”

It’s a beautiful tribute, not just to Combs’ sons but fathers and sons everywhere.