Mariah Carey wears the wrong shoes to the amusement park with her kids.
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mariah Carey Regrets Wearing Gold High Heels To An Amusement Park With Her Kids

Even the famed diva is ready to embrace flats!

Mariah Carey had a blast this Labor Day weekend soaring in the sky and riding rollercoasters with her 11-year-old-old twins, Monroe and Morrocan. The mom of two hopped onto social media to post some great pictures from their recent family trip, and the pop superstar wasn’t shy about sharing her pretty funny fashion mom fail either.

Like many mothers preparing for the start of another school year, Carey still squeezed some final fun out of the end of summer to entertain her adorable kids. The “Always Be My Baby” singer took to Instagram to post some sweet photos of her high-flying family time with the twins at the second-oldest operating amusement park in the United States, Cedar Point.

In one photo, the doting mom was dressed casually and sandwiched in between her children as they posed in front of a pretty terrifying looking rollercoaster. In the next picture, Carey wore white sunglasses with her hair pulled back and stood in between Monroe and Morrocan, who clearly inherited her iconic curly hair. But it was the shiny gold shoes on Carey’s feet that inspired the laughs in her Instagram caption: “Had the best time at @cedarpoint! Never again with the heels though! 😂,” the singer joked.

Carey might be keeping it pretty low-key with her kids for the holidays, but she recently made headlines as a guest on Meghan Markle’s super-successful podcast Archetypes. In a recent episode, “The Duality of Diva with Mariah Carey,” the famous moms bonded over motherhood, being biracial, and Markle’s stanning for her teenage icon. The Duchess of Sussex was also pretty taken aback by one of Carey’s much-discussed comments: “You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan.”

Of course Carey knows a thing or two about being a diva, as evidenced by her famously divalicious career. Staying true to herself, Carey of course chose shiny, high shoes to wear to an amusement park that requires quite a bit of walking around its 364 acres. While the sparkly heels looked stylish, they no doubt landed Carey with some seriously sore toes by the end of the day.

No matter how cute she might have looked on line for the rides, even Carey reconsidered her fashionable-yet-painful footwear decision, vowing to ditch those impractical heels the next time around.

Fellow popstar and ‘90s icon Debbie Gibson, also got in on the Instagram fun to comment on Carey’s shoes and offer some pretty awesome tips: “Brrrruhahaha! Come on now… you know h [sic] the New Yorker thing throwing flats into the bag! My trick is jazz shoes. You can fold em and put ‘em in your pocket 😹.”

Now that’s what we need more of these days. Diva supporting divas in the name of tired mom feet everywhere.