Martin Scorsese joins in on his daughter's TikTok as director.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Martin Scorsese Couldn't Resist Directing His Daughter In A Hilarious New TikTok

“Do that again! It has to be more... you know. You’re proud of these movie posters!”

Legendary director Martin Scorcese is not above trying out different mediums for his cinematic work, including his daughter Francesca’s TikTok. The dad of three has become a bit of a fixture on the social media platform, but recently charmed everyone by falling back into his role as director when he didn’t like his daughter’s first take. Fortunately, she didn’t delete the scene from her video, praise be.

The Godfather director joined his 24-year-old daughter Francesca, who is herself a director, in a recent TikTok video featuring some of their home’s film memorabilia. Impressive film memorabilia at that.

“We’re movie lovers. Of course we have film posters all over our house,” Francesca says at the outset of the video, standing in a hallway surrounded by framed classic movie posters. In the background, her Oscar-winning dad can be heard saying, “Do that again! It has to be more... you know. You’re proud of these movie posters!” His daughter breaks down laughing in shock but dutifully does it again with more enthusiasm. “Take that down,” Scorsese tells her, and Francesca reminds him that it’s a TikTok.

The video then cuts to Scorsese himself showing her how it’s done. “We’re movie lovers,” he says as he walks through his home, “of course we have a couple of cameras around anyways.” Father and daughter continue to share that they still own a DVD player, a director’s chair, the Turner Classic Movie channel, and props like the automaton from Hugo, the 2011 movie Scorsese directed after Francesca showed interest in the story The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

Finally, Francesca says, “We’re movie lovers. Of course it’s impossible to choose a favorite director,” before panning down to show that she was wearing a t-shirt with her dad’s face on it.

Certainly TikTok agrees on her director of choice. “Never thought Martin Scorsese directing a TikTok would be in our 2024 bingo card but I’m here for it,” wrote one user, while another added, “this is AMAZING! The direction at the start 👏 - he should really make films.” Another person couldn’t help pointing out, “he’s Martin Scorsese, OF COURSE he’s going to direct a TikTok to perfection!”

This is not this father/daughter duo’s first flawless TikTok, of course. Last October, Francesca challenged her dad to see how much Gen Z slang he understood and honestly, he knew an incredible amount.

Scorsese has credited his daughter for bringing playfulness into his life at this late stage. “Being a father at a later age is different from when I had my other two daughters when I was in my 20s and 30s. If you’re in your 60s and you’re with the kid every day, you’re dealing with the mind of a child, so it opens up that childishness in you again,” he told Parade magazine. “You start playing and getting into the fantasy of the kid, so you make up even crazier stories and suddenly we’re making this movie! She’s a lifesaver!”

Even if she does need to be directed on TikTok.