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Marvel's Spidey & His Amazing Friends will premiere on August 6, 2021.
Disney Jr.

Disney Junior’s Spidey & His Amazing Friends Is Perfect For Your Superhero-Obsessed Toddler

“Team Spidey” delivers all the superhero fun without the scary parts!

It’s an age-old problem for parents of toddlers and preschoolers: your kid loves superheroes... like, loves them. But the movies are just a bit too dark, scary, and violent to share with your 3-year-old. Fortunately, Disney Junior and Marvel Entertainment are here to save the day with a brand new superhero show just for preschoolers (though we have no doubt your older kids will be into it, too). Romper has an exclusive look at new Disney Junior’s new series Marvel’s Spidey & His Amazing Friends, which is set to debut on Friday, Aug. 6.

Spidey is Marvel’s first-ever full-length series for preschoolers. It follows the kid-friendly adventures of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales a.k.a. "Team Spidey" who model teamwork and helping others and show the importance of friendship, cooperation and problem-solving! And don’t be surprised if some of your kid’s other favorite heroes drop by from time to time. (Because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned cross-over, right?) Sometimes, defeating Rhino, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin requires the help of your friendly neighborhood Hulk, Ms. Marvel, or Black Panther, right?

In this exclusive clip from the premiere episode — "Spidey to the Power of Three" — all three Spiders are trying to track down Rhino, who is on a thieving rampage of New York City! It’s going to take all their cunning (and cooperation) to save the day!

We are super-excited (not sorry) to have heroes our little ones can look up to and enjoy without having to worry about the grittier side of saving the world creeping into playtime. And, let’s face it: we’re Marvel nerds, too, and appreciate whatever new content we can get between feature films!

Marvel’s Spidey & His Amazing Friends will premiere on the Disney Channel and Disney Jr. on Friday, Aug. 6 at 9 a.m.