Meghan Markle opened up about Archie's lack of a royal title.
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Meghan Markle Opened Up About Why Her Son Archie Isn't A Prince

"I can give you an honest answer."

In her landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle addressed why Archie isn't a prince. Although his father Prince Harry holds the title, the Duchess of Sussex shared a shocking explanation as to why their 22-month-old son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor does not.

Markle and Winfrey — who are neighbors in Montecito, California, but met in a mutual friend's garden for their interview — spoke about several topics, including why her son Archie was not named a prince when he was born in May of 2019.

"How do they explain to you that your son, the great-grandson of 'The Queen,' wasn't going to be a prince. You certainly must have had some conversations with Harry about it and some suspicions as to why they didn't want to make Archie a prince. Why do you think that is?" Winfrey asked Markle during their interview on CBS on Sunday.

"I can give you an honest answer," Markle, who is expecting her second child later this year, told Winfrey. According to Markle, there were concerns about how "dark his skin might be" as the child of a Black woman. "The first member of color in this family not being titled in the same way that other grandchildren would's not their right to take it away. Why?" she told Winfrey.

"They didn't want him to be a prince...," Markle claimed, "which would be different from protocol, and that he wasn't going to receive security."

Markle also told Winfrey she did not receive information about her son becoming a prince firsthand. "That was relayed to me from Harry, those were conversations the family had with him," she said, "and I think it was really hard to be able to see those as compartmentalized conversations."

While Markle didn't explain who had potentially inferred that Archie would not be a prince, the conversation clearly was difficult for her to share.

Meghan Markle opened up about the fact that Archie wasn't named a prince.

The couple noted that the entire family received death threats, and once they stepped back from their senior roles in the royal family all security was removed. Even for Prince Harry, who pointed out he had "inherited the role."

When Prince Harry joined Markle and Winfrey to share his side of the story about whether or not race played a part in the decision to deny his son the title of prince, he bluntly said, "That conversation I'm never going to share."

Now the couple are working on building their post-royal lives. Getting ready to welcome a daughter this summer, as they shared with Winfrey, and working on their new charitable organization Archewell. Life is looking up for the Sussexes. With or without their titles.