Melissa Joan Hart Plays A Grandma In A Lifetime Movie & We, The Internet, Need A Moment

Clarissa, please explain this one.

We all know her as our favorite ‘90s starlet from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All. Mostly, we know her as a teenager because that’s what she was for more than 10 years between these two series. Both of which feels like about three blinks ago, if we’re being honest. Not so. Because Melissa Joan Hart has somehow gone from being a teenager to being a full-on grandmother in a new Lifetime movie, and we’re not OK with the fact that she had to skip over all the stuff in the middle.

Hart plays a grandmother in the Lifetime movie Would You Kill for Me? The Mary Bailey Story, which came out in October. The movie is based on the true story of Mary Bailey, an 11-year-old girl who was given a gun by her mother Priscilla Bailey and told to kill her stepfather because, as Mary told People in 2022, “‘If you do this,’ she said, ‘it will all be over. You’re not gonna go to jail, you’re too young.’” Hart plays Ella, Mary’s grandmother in the movie, which follows the “volatile relationship between three generations of women.”

So Hart, 47, plays not just a grandmother. She’s the grandmother of an 11-year-old child.

We might have been able to let it go if she had a baby grandchild or possibly even a toddler at the age of 47 years old, but an 11-year-old? Lifetime, what are you doing to us here?

Math has never been my strong suit, but I can’t help feeling like the numbers don’t exactly add up here.

Not everyone was able to deal with the sight of our sweet Melissa Joan Hart, perpetual teenager, in a nightshirt playing the part of an exhausted grandmother. Of an 11-year-old who was charged with murdering her stepfather, no less.

It was so upsetting to some people that there was talk of revenge for having to be exposed to this dreadful knowledge.

Some people just felt sort of.... depleted. Sad. Suddenly much, much older than they expected to feel.

In real life, Melissa Joan Hart is mom to three sons, 17-year-old Mason, 15-year-old Braydon, and 10-year-old Tucker. None of them have made her a grandmother, we feel it’s vitally important to say. In fact, her youngest son is one year younger than her granddaughter in this movie.

Justice for Melissa Joan Hart. Justice for us all.