Melissa McCarthy has a lovely family.
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Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone’s Daughters Have The Prettiest Vintage Names

And they’re pretty funny too!

Many of us first met her as Sookie on Gilmore Girls, but now we know her as a woman we love. Melissa McCarthy is such a tried and true mainstay in Hollywood that we could all probably be forgiven for forgetting she has an entire life of her own. A rich private life with a husband and two daughters that is totally separate from her fans. Yes, the truth stings a little. Yes, we would prefer it if the Bridesmaids actress was our wife or mom or best friend. But the truth is, McCarthy’s husband and kids are her biggest fans. So let’s get to know them.

She’s Been Married To Ben Falcone For Years

McCarthy has been married to husband and frequent collaborator Ben Falcone since 2005, but they’ve actually been together for 27 years. The couple first met when they were part of the same improv class at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles in 1998 and they’ve been together ever since. The actress has been onscreen with her husband in movies like Bridesmaids (you’ll remember him as the undercover officer seated beside her on the plane), The Heat, and even some older episodes of The Gilmore Girls.

Falcone is also a talented screenwriter, and McCarthy is frequently his muse for movies like Tammy, The Boss, Thunder Force (with longtime family friend Octavia Spencer), and Life Of The Party.

Ben Falcone has been with Melissa McCarthy for 27 years.

McCarthy paid tribute to her husband for his birthday on Wednesday with a throwback photo and a beautiful message, “27 years ago I met this guy and he has made every day since funnier, kinder and much much weirder! Happy Birthday to my love!!! Xoxoxo Just to be clear he was NOT this age when we met.”

Their Daughter Vivian Is 14

Vivian Falcone made her screen debut in ‘The Boss.’

McCarthy and Falcone welcomed oldest daughter Vivian in 2007, and while the 14-year-old has not been featured too frequently on her mother’s social media posts, she did make her screen debut in her parents’ 2017 movie The Boss. She played McCarthy as a young girl being returned to the orphanage in the film, although technically Vivian was first on the set of Gilmore Girls when her mom was pregnant for her and the pregnancy was written into the show.

The proud mom told E! News in 2018 that Vivian lobbied hard be a part of the movie. “They kept asking and we said no for months and [then] my oldest said, ‘Am I not allowed to even try?' [Vivian is] very smart and I said, ‘That’s good, you went right to it because I certainly can’t say you’re not allowed to try,’” she told E! News. “So we spent the next month seeing really if she’d do it. She did great.”

Vivian is apparently multi-talented, as she is also interested in interior design. The proud mom told Ellen DeGeneres in 2018, “Ben walked in and Viv and I were trying out a new bedspread I got, and Viv’s like (thoughtfully), ‘I just think it might compete with the headboard. And I literally got weird, I got goosebumps.”

Their Daughter Georgette Is 11

Melissa McCarthy is mom to two daughters.

Vivian became a big sister when McCarthy and Falcone welcomed their daughter Georgette in February 2010. Georgette also made a brief appearance as one of the girls selling brownies in The Boss, although it sounds like her movie career might be as a stunt person rather than an actor. She’s such a daredevil that her mom bought her a stunt vest for her 10th birthday last year, “Well, for your typical 10-year-old, I got her a Hong Kong harness. It’s what you use. It’s a stunt harness which is what you wear if you’re being jerked up or if you’re in a fight scene. Or if you’re in an explosion in a movie, it’ll pull you back. And that’s all she really wanted,” McCarthy explained on Ellen. “I love stunts so much, so I kind of got her a baby stunt vest.”

Much like their parents, both Vivian and Georgette are apparently very funny. So much so that discipline can be a bit of a struggle. “They get out of being disciplined because they are funny,” Falcone admitted to People in December. “They’ll do something [to get a laugh] and you’re like, ‘Alright, hold on, that’s not the point.’”

I don’t know about you, but everything about the McCarthy/Falcone household sounds like an absolute blast.