Sasha & Malia Obama Invited Their Parents Over For Cocktails & Appetizers

“They had prepared a charcuterie tray and tried to make two very weak martinis.”

Sasha and Malia Obama are no longer the two little, adorable girls who walked on stage with their parents in 2008 when their father, Barack Obama, became our country’s first Black president. These days, according to their mother, Michelle Obama, the two young women are still adorable but are now into martinis and more adult things these days. Like hosting their parents at their own apartment.

The former first lady sat down with ABC’s Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts to talk about her new book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, which will be released on Nov. 15, and shared a few fun updates about her adult daughters. During the interview, Obama said that Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21, share an apartment together in Los Angeles and recalled a time the girls invited her and President Obama over for dinner.

“They had invited us over before dinner to have cocktails at their apartment and they had prepared a charcuterie tray and tried to make two very weak martinis,” she told Roberts.

But here’s the kicker on the martinis. “They realized they didn't have any of the ingredients,” she added. “But they were trying to, they were hosting us. And it's just fun, watching them become themselves.”

Needless to say, it was the thought that mattered. Obama told People that her daughters made the apartment their own, “having poked around yard sales and shopped at a nearby IKEA, watching their budget.”

The sisters have been in Los Angeles together for quite some time. Earlier this year, the two were caught by TMZ outside Los Angeles International Airport, as Sasha picked up her sister from the airport and the pair did a little happy dance together.

Both are also actively pursuing their individual outlets. Sasha is currently a student at the University of Southern California, where she transferred to last fall, and Malia is currently a writer on a new series by Donald Glover. “I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon. Her writing style is great,” Glover said about Malia, according to Black Enterprise.

As far as their dating lives, Sasha is reportedly dating Clifton Powell Jr., the son of actor Clifton Powell, and Malia has been reportedly linked to a man named Dawit Eklund.

“I think that they realize that they have a unique bond because they're the only two who know what they just went through — growing up in the White House with the brightest spotlight in the world on you as you were going through adolescence and puberty,” Obama shared with People about the closeness she says she admires the most about her daughters. “They uniquely know what that means for them.”

Obama added, “I think they become even closer now that they're out on the other side. But yeah, it makes me feel really, really good. Not just that they're living together, but they're thriving together — and they're thriving on their own as individual young women.”