Mindy Kaling Hilarious Reveals Her Daughter Kit "Really Hates" Having A Baby Brother

“I think Spencer should go.”

In a perfect world, big sisters and brothers would instantly fall in love with their new baby siblings. They would accept the new family members as just a part of their new reality and go on with their little lives. This was not the case for Mindy Kaling, who revealed that her 3-year-old daughter Katherine “Kit” is still struggling to embrace the fact that her 10-month-old brother Spencer is part of the family now. Apparently she would just like him to go.

The Never Have I Ever creator sat down for a chat with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Wednesday night, where she immediately thanked him for inviting her out to New York because she got to leave her two kids at home. “They’re with somebody in Los Angeles,” she explained. “It’s just so nice. I got to get dressed up.” Kaling also enthused about “not having to change a diaper, I don’t have to pretend to watch Daniel Tiger with anyone...”

Kaling’s stay in New York also provided a respite for Kit’s continued resistance to her little brother Spencer. When Colbert, who is himself a father of three, asked how Kit was feeling about having another child in the house, The Office star said, “She really hates it. There are moments when it feels like she will sort of tolerate him, but she’s not the biggest fan right now.”

Mindy Kaling’s daughter is having trouble warming to baby Spencer.

It seems Kit would prefer a little brother who was as out of sight as possible. “She’s always telling us to put him in another room,” Kaling told Colbert. “We’ll be all having dinner together and she’ll be like, ‘I think Spencer should go.’”

Kaling has been dealing with Kit’s resistance to her baby brother ever since he was born last September during the pandemic. When she announced Spencer’s arrival in a Zoom interview with Colbert, she admitted her daughter was “very ambivalent at first, I would say, to be generous,” about her brother’s birth. “She was really worried about her toys getting taken.”

Now that Spencer is 10 months old and more mobile, perhaps Kit’s fears are coming to fruition. Or perhaps it’s just a case of very different personalities. Kaling told Romper in an interview in February that Spencer has a “bubbly” personality, while her daughter tends to be more independent.

Hopefully Kit will warm to her brother in time. Or not. Who knows?