Mother T-rex and her three babies from Netflix's Bad Dinosaurs, in a story about the Bad Dinosaurs c...
We Figured Out All The Bad Dinosaurs Names Because We Know Your Kid Is Obsessed, Too

And it’s about time we give Janet some respect!

If you have a dinosaur-loving kid, the moment you opened Netflix and the new banner for Bad Dinosaurs loaded, chances are they were begging you to play it. This delightful little cartoon notably leaves out any dialogue, and follows a mother T-Rex, her three babies, and one unhatched egg as they deal with the challenges of life in prehistoric times. But did you know the Bad Dinosaurs characters have names?

The series is rated TV-Y7 (suitable for ages 7 and up), probably because there’s no shortage of farts, butts, and the like — the baby T-Rex literally ends up wedged between a raptor’s butt cheeks at one point. So, while the show reveals a lot, you never learn any of the dinosaurs’ names. The characters’ names are not listed in episode credits, nor are they available on IMDb. But if you turn on the audio description (which is in the same part of the menu as subtitles) you’ll discover that every dinosaur does indeed have a name.

And because these dinosaurs are bad — as in bad at surviving but trying their best, not malicious eating machines — you will definitely have a favorite after an episode or two. (We all want to be a Janet, for example.) So, here’s what you can call your favorite Bad Dinosaurs character.



Janet is serious Mom of The Year material. This T-Rex is constantly hunting down food and fending off predators who try to snag her three children, including her unhatched egg. She runs toward an active lava flow to rescue other dinosaurs’ babies. When a raptor proposes to Janet, but then turns on her babies and kicks her egg, she gives him a serious ass whooping, flings him into the ocean, and eats her engagement ring. We stan Janet.



Uno is the eldest T-Rex baby, pink with one feather adorning his head. He loves to collect shells (whether the things inside the shells want to be collected or not is another story), and is always up for a little mischief with his siblings.



Middle sibling Dora is Uno’s partner in crime and a very rambunctious, typical middle child. She’s still learning how to operate as a Rex in the world and help take care of Trevor and Egg, but she’s well on her way to being as fierce as her mother.



The youngest of Janet’s babies is little Trevor, who seems to be going through a growth spurt — he’s constantly eating and never, ever seems to get full. He’s the proud owner of one very big T-Rex tooth, and in true youngest sibling fashion, is always getting into trouble and trying to tag along with his older brother and sister on their adventures (much to Janet’s dismay).



Yes, this pterosaur is named Charlotte. The poor dear is constantly putting up with Trevor’s antics as he steals the fish she catches, blasts her with his farts, and gets her trapped in a steam vent that blasts her sky high. They’re basically the Mesozoic period’s Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson.



Bigby appears to be the missing link between raptors and ostriches, and he has the personality of a schoolyard bully. He’s definitely just mad that he has an absolutely juicy booty but hasn’t yet evolved the feathers to cover it in public. (Seriously, he needs a CDL for that dump truck.)



Egg’s name might be the only one that doesn’t feel like a big reveal, but it will get its big moment. At the very end of the last episode, after surviving many an escapade, Janet, Uno, Dora, and Trevor all look on as Egg hatches to reveal a tiny new T-Rex sibling.

So, what will the newest bad dinosaur be named? We’ll have to wait (and do a little sleuthing) to find out next season. In the meantime, watch Bad Dinosaur start to finish again and find out what your favorite dinos are called. Fans are already pretty obsessed with Patty the triceratops, who is, incidentally, outrageously “THICC.”